Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boku to Kanojo to Kanojo no Ikiru Michi eps 1-4

Your mission today is to hook me a hot chick using the mum ran off sob story!

Boku to Kanoko to Kanojo no Ikiru Michi is the second in the Boku series. I reviewed the third one, Boku no Aruku Michi when it came out in 2006 here and here and it is certainly a must watch jdorama. I highly recommend you seek it out if you have not. SARS has kindly gotten their hands on BKKIM and are hardsubbing it. I love it when fansub groups seek out classic stuff and sub it for people to watch. There's probably a treasure trove of classic shows that have never been English subbed.

Kawaii kodomo + sympathetic dad = win!

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi plays Koyanagi Tetsura, a 29 year old salaryman who seemingly has it made. He has a house, nice family and good job with career prospects. He has achieved the ideal Japanese life until one day his wife packs her bags and just runs off leaving their daughter Rin behind. It is then that we begin to discover large cracks in Koyanagi's picture perfect life.

Kids are spoiled rotten cause crying now works on today's parents.

Koyanagi goes to work early and comes back late so he has had barely little contact with his daughter. He says and does what he thinks is the proper thing in front of people but does not know how to have real human interaction. He lives in his own personal universe and is not sensitive to others. Koyanagi puts himself first and other people are just a burden. Most like he just got married for his job.

Any night is okay!

Yes, Koyanagi is a fuckwit but Kusanagi Tsuyoshi makes him an interesting one. There is no doubt that he is the best actor in SMAP (which isn't saying much). Lesser actors would have failed to make Koyanagi an intriguing character. He is an adult but in terms of human relations he is but a child. We see him take baby steps in trying to establish a connection with his daughter, Rin and the show explores his relationship with his father and how it stunted his emotional growth. Boku no Aruku Michi was about how people grow through interacting with Kusanagi's character and BKKIM is about how Koyanagi grows through connecting with his daughter.

With such a kawaii musume, I am the ultimate chick magnet!

Koyuki is in the show as Rin's English tutor Yura who becomes a bridge between father and daughter. A cynical person could rename the dorama, 'how to pick up a hot tutor using your daughter'. Rin continuously calls Yura for all sorts of reasons and Yura has no contact for a day, she is continously thinking about Rin and her father. Plus appealing to her maternal instinct makes Koyanagi's quest to bed Yura (if he so desired) a sure thing.

Why does Kusanagi always acts with actresses who are taller than him?

As with Boku no Aruku Michi, BKKIM has a slow deliberate pace that is never boring. You get to see them do their routines day in day out but its the changes in the routine that makes it interesting. Honestly, the four episodes went by without me realising it. It is only with great acting and script that this show can achieve such an interesting tempo and make it work. There's so many little touches that make BKKIM great. Like how father and daughter were laughing while eating pizza and then there's this ackward silence when they realised that it was not normal behaviour in their relationship.

Boku to Kanojo to Kanojo no Ikiri Michi is definitely a must watch in my book. It is more than just a father daughter jdorama. It is about how people relate to each other and about how different goals and aims in life are always at odds with each other. A big thank you to SARS for subbing this show.


Anonymous said...

It's got Kita Yoshio in it, are you sure you wan't to watch it? :p

Anonymous said...

dude just got arrested for public indecency

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Boyband members gone wild

Jung said...

Totally agree on Boku no Aruku Michi. It's a fine fine show that everybody should watch, and it is definitely the best of the 3 Boku series.

In this one, I think the little girl is the star of the show. She is really good at subtle acting... fantastic. I think I stopped at ep 4 too... I'll have to get back in. Thanks for the reminder.

Dil said...

can I take this pics for my blog? thanx