Monday, April 20, 2009

Osen eps 4-10

Osen is one of my favourite shows from last year. It was not in consideration when I did the 2K8 hamsapsukebe awards because Nya stopped subbing it at episode 6. I have only recently found out that another fansub group Eitokickass has actually finished the series! If you google the name, you will find that they are a livejournal community and you have to join to get the link. I got my download links from the jdrama livejournal community. Its unfortunate they do not torrent their hardsubbed shows at d-addicts as many people probably don't know about them.

There's nothing new to add to my previous review of eps 1-3. Its a show about food. Never watch it on an empty stomach. Actually its better to eat while watching and preferably Japanese food. Aoi Yu does a masterful job as the main character. She is an absolute delight to watch on screen. She's got the acting talent to separate herself from the other gravure/model actress wannabes. It is very hard in this day and age to have a dorama with main character that is too nice and not make that person seem like an idiot and Aoi Yu imbues Osen with a child-like innocense and wisdom beyond her years.

Osen is more than just the okami of Ishouan. She is the last defender of old school values and cooking. She is a symbol of what the world was before we had mobile phones and ready to microwave food everywhere. This show makes me nostalgic for seemingly simpler times not to mention a huge craving for Japanese food. This is the ultimate feel good dorama which is not a romantic comedy.I think most people who watched Osen experienced sudden craving for slow cooking but in the end, we will all go back to our microwaved and fast foods.

The ending was interesting yet at the same time too abrupt. It made Osen more of a message dorama than an actual story based show. The final story was a two parter but the implied non-ending kinda killed the storyline. The voice over at the end summed out the purpose of the show. In the end, I can't fault Osen. I had immense fun watching it and drooling at the food. Its just hard to compare it to other jdoramas because its not a story or character based show. Its more like an infotainment show dressed up as a jdorama. I still think its one of the must watch shows from last season and its definitely worth your time.


Jung said...

It's been a little too long since I've finished this show to remember all the details, but I agree this was a good watch. A solid 7 out of 10. I guess the only downside is the decidedly lack of moe factor.

I actually love any good cooking shows, with a good plot baked into it. Antique Cake was great, and so was Lunch Queen. And this is where Osen failed a bit... lack of compelling storyline, cast, and script... so Aoi Yu and the food consultants had heavy burden of carrying the show.

Haha anyway, thanks for the write up on the Galileo movie. I didn't even know about it until I read it here. Great flick, and great acting. I don't mind Shibasaki Kou too much, but this movie reminded me of how mediocre Masaharu is. Every scene he's trying too hard to look cool or pretty. It's painful to watch.

Anonymous said...

Most of the cooking drama I've watched are manga-based, and Osen is one of them. Most can't hold a candle to the original. Osen the drama is pretty much a very different beast; Antique the drama is horrible whereas the manga is hilarious; Kuitan I is OK until it ran out of storylines from the manga; and Bambino, well the less said the better.

The only exception is Oiishi Kenkei and only because I like Nakayama Miho. BTW if you can find a copy of the Hong Kong movie "The Chinese Feast", the cooking competition sequences are absolutely incredible.

Akiramike said...

I love Oishii Kankei! The food wasn't as enticing as Osen's but Nakayama Miho is one of a kind. Too bad she doesn't act anymore.