Friday, March 13, 2009

Jmovie review: Pretty Maid Cafe


The last of the Akihabara Trilogy of movies, Pretty Maid Cafe is as stereotypical as they come but without becoming a parody of itself which mainstream otaku shows have a tendency to become *cough* Akihabara@Deep *cough*. Mainstream audience is so ashamed of otaku culture that the only way they can stomach it is to filter it by making way too much fun of otakus.

Pretty Maid Cafe's audience is unabashedly the otaku and it is not ashamed to of it. It is a dramatisation of the otaku maid fantasy. Anyone looking for great acting and witty scripts please continue watching Love Shuffle and everyone else looking for pretty maids and fanservice must watch this movie.

Hide just can't take his eyes of Misaki-tan's ...

No surprises with the plot; generic looking guy with otaku friend meets pretty maid Misaki-tan. Throw in a bit of Densha with an online-board, lots of fan service and of course a stalker for our hero to Misaki-tan from. Maybe I should start a company where people can hire stalkers to save girls from. Its probably the only way otakus can get girls to notice us.

Higashi Kotono's got an absolutely gorgeous side profile...

The star of the show is of course Higashi Kotono as Misaki-tan. The gravure idol turned JAV actress is a delight to watch on the screen thanks to her very beautiful face and obsolutely delicious melons. She is very similar to retired JAV actress Takako Kitahara. Very distinctive nose, huge and firm oppai and a bit chubby but that's expected. In fact, it is the beauty in imperfection that makes her appealing.

I have never wished more to be a bouncing ball than I do now...

Actually, her performance in Pretty Maid Cafe is very similar to Isoyama Sayaka in 2nd house. Another gravure idol who deserves to be in more doramas. There's an attempt to make the movie more meaningful but of course the script just completely fails in that regard because at its core, Pretty Maid Cafe is a essential a Higashi Kotono gravure video and for a gravure video its a pretty good one.

Credit the otaku dude for not overplaying his role as comedy guy and plot device.

That's what gravure videos should be. Just put some random crappy story into it to give it a narrative and give context to the eye catching scenes. However, that would destroy the purpose of gravure videos; quick and easy money with little production costs. Every otaku owes it to themselves to watch Pretty Maid Cafe and I'll soon watch the other two in the trilogy if I can find time from SF4, Ryuga Gotoku 3 and RE5. If you desperate want this movie after wiping the blood from your nose, google movie and rapidshare. Hhmm, mental note to self, look for Higashi Kotono JAV.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, is there any torrent seed for this movie? i'm google this movie while wiping my nose in front of the PC for like half an hour but couldn't find any torrent file to dl.

philipp said...

anybody has any idea, where i could download this movie??