Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jmovie review: Catgirl Kiki

The second of the Akihabara trilogy, Catgirl Kiki is a look at another otaku fantasy; the catgirl. I'm not really a fan of catgirls. I think they're more of a 90s anime type thing with such shows as Catgirl Nuku nuku. I think the appeal of catgirls is ultimately about the ear and tail being kawaii and maybe the representation of a domesticated girl.

Generic shounen main character finds cat in box and brings cat home. Cat turns into catgirl complete with clothes. Logic dictates that she should have had no clothes on but obviously the actress for Kiki is not a JAV actress. Generic guy then starts to teach her how to act like a human. Kiku learns how to speak the way the rest of us do, by watching television. If I had a catgirl, I would educate her through the use of education videos known as JAV.

Then generic guy hits upon an idea that I did not even consider; he buys a maid costume for Kiki to wear! Catgirl + maid = win. Next on the ladder is the schoolgirl uniform. This show is like the bible of what to do if your cat ever becomes a catgirl. Just make sure to check that any cats you take home are female. The second half of the show gets interesting and I won't spoil it. Catgirl Kiki goes into an interesting angle and though the execution can be lacking, I can't fault them for lack of trying.

Yui Kano who plays Kiki is perfectly cast IMO. She's got the neko look and manages to do all the cat stuff without looking embaressed. Actually I think her acting was pretty decent, particularly the scene where she realises that generic dude is a NEET. I love the whole adult novel scenario. I was laughing at the honey thing and her using of lines from the book under the sheets. I think Yui Kano would make a decent actress if she decides to branch out from being a seiyuu.

Catgirl Kiki is less gravure and more story compared to Pretty Maid Cafe. Its less fanservicey and more humourous. Definitely a fun way to spend an hour. And a word of warning or should I say encouragement; there is nudity in Catgirl Kiki.

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