Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HamsapSukebe jdorama award 2008

Its finally time to take a look back at jdoramas from 2008 and give kudos to the performances and shows that I enjoyed the most. Every year, I delay writing this because there's always shows that I am awaiting subs on and which could end up pretty good. Its unfortunate that the subbing of Osen, Kaze no Garden, Yottsu no Uso and Pandora have not been completed. I think Osen could end up being a very good show. Episode 1 Pandora is out and though it wasn't as good as I had hoped, it had potential to be a very interesting show about morality, politics and the big picture.

I know Engrish subbed shows for both of them are out but the horrible subs would take too much away from them so unfortunately Osen, Kazeno Garden, Yottsu no Uso and Pandora are not in consideration. Nagasaku Hiromi might have run off with best actress. I don't watch every Jdorama out there. I try to sample as much as possible before deciding which show to continue on. I avoid shows that I am 100% sure will suck because of the casting.

Best supporting actor:

Deer of Shika Otoko. Props to the voice actor and cg animators. No supporting character has been more crucial to a jdorama than the deer. Easily the most memorable supporting character last year.

Honourable mention: Have to give props to Kohinata Fumiyo for appearing in 3 jdoramas last season in a supporting role. I'm so sick of his face and yet he always does a good job.

Best supporting actress:

Easiest award of all and obviously has to go to Yoshitaka Yuriko for her portrayal as Shinobu in Ashita no Kita Yoshio and for saving Taiyo to Umi no Kyoushitsu. I'm eagerly to see what she can do acting wise in Love Shuffle. I hope they don't push her too soon to be a main actress because she is not ready.

Honourable mention: Fukuda Saki as Kotone in Daisuki!! She goddamn single handedly had Daisuki watchable. No idea why Karina won awards when Fukuda Saki was ignored.

Best actor:

Uchino Masaaki as Gonzo. Every actor I think is always looking for a career defining performance. Gonzo is easily the most fun and well developed character in 2008. From 2008 onwards, Uchino Masaaki will no longer be known as KimuTaku's brother from Love Generation.

Honourable mention:

Sakai Masaaki as Shogo in Muri na Renai. One of the best koukuhaku scenes ever. Great performance of Saite no Heart. Excellent portrayal of an old man being passed by time and seeking something to live for.

Abe Sadaou in OL Nippon. He impressed us as Arase in Iryu and nearly stole the show in OL Nippon. Props for his decent attempt at mandarin unlike most Japanese actors who end up butchering every foreign language.

Best actress:

This is the fucking toughest category in 2008. Lots of great performances but I have to give it to Mizuki Alisa for Saitou-san and OL Nippon. I'm ashamed to say I haave not seen her before last year, except for Kawa Itsuka Umi E which I don't remember a thing about. She's one of those rare actresses who can carry a show by herself. Hhmm.. maybe I should stop deciding tie breakers by giving it to actors who appeared in more than 1 show.

Honourable mention:

Natsukawa Yui as Kaede in Muri na Renai. I would watch anything with her in it. 'nuff said.

Takeuchi Yuko as Mio in Bara no nai Hanaya. She made the overly soapy script watchable.

Mimura as Mano Wakaba in Saitou-san. Saitou-san was a show that was so dependent on her acting and she really came through with her portrayal of the neurotic, desperate to please Mano-san.

5 must watch jdoramas from 2008

1) Saito-san

2) Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi

3) Muri na Renai

4) Gonzo: Densetsu no Keiji

5) OL Nippon

And finally the most important award, the hottest jdorama actress in 2008.

Shinobu gave me a foot fetish and I was afraid Renbutsu Misako would read my mind and scream in shock at all the thought I had while watching Nanase Futatabi. In the end, Kobayashi Ryoko managed to made me ignore the plot holes for most of Maou. Her anime eyes would keep me in a trance of euphoria and from noticing Maou's flaws.


maiku said...

Nice post. Just wanted to mention that Uchino Masaaki's career defining performance arguably came in 2007 when he starred in the NHK historical drama Fuurin Kazan. Ok, maybe not as much fun as Gonzo, but being chosen to star in the 50 episode, year-long show is a big honor. Tsumabuki Satoshi (Orange Days, Slow Dance) is doing this year's show. (I haven't actually sat through one yet, but the wife digs them.)

Akiramike said...

For every good actor that stars in a NHK historical series, there is Takizawa Hideaki who in a moment of madness was cast in Yoshitsune.

If you're looking for a Taiga dorama to watch, I recommend Shinsengumi or Musashi. Lots of action and violence. Do note that for these type of shows, the first 10 episodes will usually be very boring.

Anonymous said...

I actually thought "Fuurin Kazan" is the best Taiga since "Toshiie to Matsu". Shinsengumi is horrible in the way it twisted history (unless you're a fan of Shingo), and 50% of Musashi are fillers. I'm up to ep. 9 of Tenchijin; I can't f***ing stand Tsumabuki Satoshi's character, the sets are really fake and for a Taiga based on Sengoku period there're hardly any battle scenes (I guess all the budget went to the A-list actors/actresses). IMO it's only a good watch if you're star-gazing.

Akiramike said...

Yeah Shinsengumi is a romantasized version of history. I doubt they'll actually make a show which portrays them as murderers with license to kill.

That said, the main draw in Shinsengumi for me was Hijikata. The guy who has to be hated so Isamu can loved.

I tried Toshiie to Matsu many years ago but gave up after a few eps. Maybe I should try it again if I can get a copy.

Anonymous said...

Agree no more! Uchino Masaaki is the best actor among the 2008 Jdrama.
BTW, just my opinion, the "Flower shop without rose" (direct translate from drama 's name) should in the 2008 must watch list