Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yasuko to Kenji ep 1+2

What do you get, when you have a former bike gang leader (Kenji) who is now a famous shojo mangaka, add a younger sister (Yasuko) who is trying to escape her brother's control plus a a former female gang leader (Erika) who is in love with Kenji but suffers from dual personality disorder? You get what is probably the best dorama showing this season.

I hope she's disgusted at her brother for using makeup....

Yasuko to Kenji has a premise that is almost fail... I don't want to jinx it. Every freaking dorama that I praise for its concept ends up fucking it up. Makes me want to watch really hard to do shows so at least they have an excuse when they screw up. There are warning signs where this show could crash and burn but its still early and the beginning of doramas are always full of hope.

OMFG! Its Haruna! Wow, can't believe I've seen her in 3 different shows this year. And the chick on the right is kawaii~~~~~

I like Matsuoka Masahiro though I've only seen him in Heaven Cannot Wait. I always thought he could be a better actor than Nagase Tomoya who is essentially a one trick pony. Unfortunately, Matsuoka basically does a bad impression of Nagase's numerous yakuza characters. The overacting, exagerrated movements etc. I know lots of shows do it but to me, it seems like he's trying to out Nagase Nagase. Too much overacting is bad. The character becomes a total caricacture rather than a person. He really needs to tone it down cause Kenji is close to becoming an irritant rather than source of comedy.

No one speaks to Hirosue Ryoko that way, no matter how much hair gel he uses...

Tabe Mikako, who I've only seen in Shikaotoko is fucking brilliant as the younger sister, Yasuko. Her acting is really good and there is no chance Aragaki Yui could pull Yasuko. I hate to say this but she doesn't have the looks of someone like Aragki Yui but the fact that she is one of the main characters means that she can bloody well act. Yasuko is the string that ties all the characters together. While everyone else is basically constant, we follow her on her journey of chasing after an effeminite man. The fact that Japanese girls like guys who look like girls means that the country is doomed.

The main reason I got addicted to jdoramas in the first place...

And lets not forget Hirosue Ryoko. I'm just so freaking happy to see her in a dorama again. She doesn't really do a great job with Erika the biker chick but I love her role as Erika the indecisive woman in love. She and Tabe Mikako make a great pair. Thinking back, this show so far is watchable cause of Tabe Mikako. An actress of lesser skill would have condemned it to my unwatchable list.

OMG! Is that a pantsu shot?? Or hotpants???? I feel so dirty... :)

I'm glad that the story didn't take the turn it threatened to at the end of ep 2 though it might resurface later.(I think it will) And the end of eps 1 and 2 have huge plot holes as to how each party found out about the scene. I remain wary of this show cause it can quickly go downhill but it had me laughing and its got good casting. Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

I see you've changed the picture at the top of your blog. ^^

Anonymous said...

Watch Seigi no Mikata, IMO the far better and funnier of the 2 sibling-themed shows (Gonzo is my other favorite show) this season.

Jung said...

This show = BAD!

I mean, it was nice to see Rena Tanaka play something different. But the overthetop acting doesn't suit Hirosue. (And the main guy)

The Yasuko girl does a great job indeed. She definitely has some acting chop, seeing this is her second lead role at such young age. I actually find her looks refreshing. She got a bit of that sadistic looking eyes. rawr~

Gonzo is pretty good.

Wewi said...


DAMN right! No hair gel can talk to Ryoko that way.. er, I mean no person's hair can talk to her that way.. hmm...

That hair-do is just too ugly... Only PIP can pull it off!