Friday, July 25, 2008

Change ep 10

OMFG, who the fuck came up with the idea to bore everyone to death by putting a mundane 20 minute speech in the last episode. Did KimuTaku just want to try to put everyone in Japan to sleep or something? Does the writer not know what an inspirational speech should sound like?A boring personal speech by a Prime Minister without any climatic build up? Its a freaking disgrace that the last episode rated 27%.

Jdoramas can be so much fun yet so frustrating. For every Shikaotoko, there is Change. I just hate how most of the time, they always manage to screw up a failsafe dorama. By failsafe I mean doramas with interesting concepts like Change. I was going to give it a watchable rating as I was expecting some nice political twist at the end. Instead we are shown why KimuTaku should never be given monologues. The citizens should freaking lynch Asakura Keita for gross misuse of taxpayer funds.

The neglect of Abe Hiroshi's acting skills is criminal. Talentless idols are given major roles and when a good actor is put in a major dorama, he is relegated to bystander status. I guess I should have seen the writing on the wall. It just fucking boggles the mind how the script can be so childish and oversimplistic. Avoid!


Jung said...

Well I gotta give it to kimutaku for doing that long monologue with no cut. That was pretty impressive, even if you were reading off the camera.

I hope he didn't have to do more than one take lol

Akiramike said...

Length of a scene has nothing to do with quality, IMHO.

dokaben said...

I was impressed by the monologue at first, just because it fit in with the "live TV" feeling and was something you don't normally see in dramas. I was hoping it would make up for the earlier episodes.

After about 5 minutes I realized the speech wasn't going anywhere. After 10 minutes I wondered if he was just improvising the whole thing. When the big ending was revealed I had to rewind to process it all since I'd spaced out so much.

Dora said...

Yes, props to Kimura for doing 20 minutes in one take, but the writing was astonishingly bad. It was an unnecessary stunt that killed what little momentum remained in the series.