Sunday, July 20, 2008

Code Blue eps 1+2 v Tomorrow ep 1

Muroi Shinji showing that he has more than one facial expression...

Iryu sits atop the throne of Japanese medical doramas. The chances of another show matching Iryu in sheer entertainment value is minimal. This season, we have two medical shows vying for viewers' attention. Will Code Blue and Tomorrow join Iryu as one of Jdorama's greats?

Reason no 1 to watch this show.

Code Blue of course has the double chick factor of Toda Erika and Aragaki Yui, so that got me really excited. Watching the first show, I realised the stupidy in their stunt casting; they are too freaking young to be doctors! I mean seriously, how many years does it take to get a medical degree in Japan? One would expect at least 5 years. Of course, its true that age of actors doesn't matter but Aragaki Yui especially still looks like she belongs in a high school uniform.

Reason no. 2. Hey, we've got a Galcir reunion! Why not do Galcir2 instead of this?

And the fact they are suppose to be doctors with ER experience just doesn't fly with me. Shouldn't the director tell them to at least try to look and act like someone in their mid 20s? Aragaki Yui's hairstyle just doesn't help. At least Toda Erika hasn't done any high school doramas recently. To compound the problem, their characters act like total noobs. Okay, they are suppose to be fresh graduates or something but ffs ER shit is almost the same. Yes, you always need a noob to be the eyes of the viewer but how green they are is sickening. It just defies logic to send such incompetent 'doctors' to emergency situations.

Hitotsu hitoyori hataraite... ooops wrong show...

Tomorrow to me is like a less manga version of Iryu. Yes, they've got Noguchi and Hideki sensei and they whole hospital trying to maximise profits argument but its got one important thing that Code Blue doesn't have; excitement! Code Blue is like this star studded high budget show that like to show off the helicopter every freaking 3 minutes (even thePC wallpapers have it) but doesn't have heart. Tomorrow has Takeuchi Yutaka playing Kohei, a former doctor is who is now a civil servant but is pulled into the troubles of the only general hospital in a small town. Kanno Miho is the strong headed nurse Aiko.

Takeuchi Yutaka hoping to erase the horrible memories of Rondo...

Its the perfect recipe for lots of arguments and life saving surgeries. I guess the keyis that the characters in Tomorrow are much more interesting and real.Its not that Code Blue does not try to imbue its characters with their own specific traits. The writer tries hard, too hard. Its like a flashing neonsign saying this character is cold heartedbut gifted, this character is too nice etc. I guess that's because there really is no conflict in Code Blue and its more incompetent doctors trying to be competent.

Hope his role will be as memorable as Noguchi in Iryu. Entlassen! Tom yum goon suki?

Back to Tomorrow, I really like Takeuchi Yutaka's reluctant hero. (I mean, who doesn't) The characters have the audience's empathy, even Ogawa Tamaki's cold character, Endo sensei. I guess its also down to acting skills. Young actors should only play young roles but when playing characters in their mid 20s, there's no sense in casting 20 year olds unless they are that damn good. Aragaki Yui looks like she's more concerned about looking good than playing the character. Give Tomorrow a try and you'll be anticipating ep 2 just like me. Code Blue just makes me want to rewatch Iryu. Ijuiin would kick all four of their noob asses.


Jung said...

"Hey, we've got a Galcir reunion! Why not do Galcir2 instead of this?


The age thing doesn't bother me too much.... I think it's because I treat this show as a cartoon/Anime. But man, somebody please get Yamapi off my TV. This boy is just pitiful. He can only play one role; a role that takes zero acting skill. I can honestly say, he is the worst actor on J-tv.

But oh man, am I glad to see Yutaka on TV. He's so hot. I think Tomorrow is going to be like... Iryu meets Ruri no Shima. LOL. But brace yourself for some cheese factor in Tomorrow ep 2... where Yutaka talks to a patient on an operating table. *shudders*

Akiramike said...

It would be better as anime. Yamapi has pretty strong competition for worst actor by his fellow Johnnys.

Opp said...

actually these young docs are "fellows"- they are doing a year or two of further training to become a ER specialist. Having said that, all the "fellows" are way too young. Aragaki and Toda would struggle to even do OLs.