Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Iryu season 2 eps 5-7

Fujiyoshi Sensei: I see yama!

The mark of a truly great jdorama is one where it makes you watch the next episode without subs. If only it were not a medical dorama and understanding the medical stuff truly important to enjoyment of the series I would watch the raws all the way. The last time I watched the raws as soon as they came out as KDO. That's how fucking good Iryu 2 is.

Uchida Yuki, please bear my children!

Ep 5 marks the climax of the diet member storyline and what a fucking climax it is. Doing an operation without enough blood. You know Asada is going to work his miracles but its just so gripping how they constantly come up with new challenges and how well they present it. Its freaking edge of your seat stuff. Not even the early years of ER is as exciting.

Super doctor? WTF? What does he do for little girls I can't do?

Ep 6 takes a look at Toyoma, the irritating, stuck up doctor. I thought they episode was heading for trouble when they too easily gave an excuse for his behaviour. Nothing pisses me off then when everything is too simplified. Somehow, they've managed to show him as a messed up character with his phone call to his dad and make the audience cut him some slack when he took responsibility for his mistake.

Hellooooooo doc!

Still, I hope that he keeps that cocky attitude of his. Its not fun when a character becomes a completely good guy like Arase. What ever happened to the bar chick from the 1st season? Its was one of the most memorable episodes because it just made Arase such an intriguing character. I guess the writers decided his character has run its course and he's reduced to plot device.

What's up doc? Nothing, only a kabe!

And the ending for ep 6. OMFG. That is superb writing. I love how the conversations slowly led up to the fucking awesome 'super doctor' cliffhanger. I just had to watch ep 7 straight after and ep 7 has an even better cliffhanger! Its like watching Angel when they somehow always managed a mini cliffhanger for every commercial break. You must fucking marvel at how the writers did it.

warning: EP 7 SPOILERS

I loved the confrontation between the Hikuyou director, Zenda sensei and Noguchi sensei. There's a sense that he might raise the white flag and sell out but the moment he declared war was so fucking cool. I truly have to give special props to the director/cinematographer. The way the camera pans round to behind the fish tank was too fucking cool. And the scene where Arase confronts Kodaka. Love how there's no clear shot of her face. As if all Arase's words don't reach her. Its like her umbrella shielding her from the rain.

Can't wait to see an episode about Kitou sensei's decision to sleep with the devil for the greater good. Its an interesting concept to explore and sounds damn good in theory except when the sacrifices become too great. Looking forward to cheering Uchida Yuki's character. IMO, she's doing a superb job as the enigmatic Kataoka Kazumi. I'm going to marathon both seasons when this series finishes. :)


mangifera said...

Dude, this truly one of the best JDo i ever watch. i thought the second season would be boring with more on Batista but it seems the writer really pushing this series to new edge. Completely new setup with new problem, new character while the old character getting stronger and stronger.

and yurp, the cinematography of this series really nail it. it's fucking dramatic in every way you see it which make the most trivial things look damn important. salute to the writer.

ehek, i love uchida yuki from "Bambino!". yet she's totally bring different aura from her last character. i think kataoka stuck between chasing after her dream and business need. i think she truly want to help people to get the best treatment but even so, she need an establish institution which make her selling her soul to noguchi. can't blame her, she's one confuse woman.

owh..i so remember the episode whereby Kaoru (the bartender which also Arase's wife now) get shot. i have my *sob* moment at the end of the episode. truly amazing.

iryu is definately one of the best dorama in my list.

tUrtleAE86 said...

Very impressed so far. I'm actually enjoying this season better than the last one.

I really like the subtle plot twists; just when you think you know what's going to happen, the plot thickens.

I wish I could say the same for Dream Again... =/
One scene was a total ripoff from Taiyou no Uta.

Jung said...

I take what I said about this series before. lol This is a good watch, especially in the middle of series (ep 3-6). But starting with ep 7, I became less interested in the overcoming-of-personal-obstacle themes. Maybe the storylines for Kodaka and that alcoholic doctor weren't convincing enough for me. Or maybe I was hoping there would be more twisted secret behind Kodaka's addiction to chocolate... iono.

But I definitely gotta get a hold of the OST, just for that dramatic string ensemble.