Monday, December 10, 2007

Galileo eps 1-7

In the tradition of the Trick series, comes a new jdorama starring Fukuyama Masaharu and Shibasaki Kou. My brother has been pushing me to watch this show but I just never got around to it. I'm not really a big fan of Shibasaki Kou and her one dimensional ice queen act so I wasn't really expecting much from this show.

Shibasaki Kou plays Utsumi Kaoru, a rookie who enlists the aid of Galileo, a physics professor played by Fukuyama Masaharu to solve mysterious crimes. Its not dissimilar to Trick where there's always a trick to a crime except in Galileo its more from a scientific perspective. Of course, Galileo is the cold, logically driven person while Kaoru is more hot headed. The fun is watching the bickering that occurs between them.

Hirosue Ryoko!!!!!!!

Its not as good as the chemistry between Abe Hiroshi and Nakama Yukie in Trick but its still pretty damn entertaining. The quality of the stories vary from episode so it is important that the characters be enough to draw the audience in. So far its been entertaining and I like how Kaoru is aware of Galileo's catchphrases.

Kaoru giving Galileo a verbal low blow...

Galileo is based on a series of novels but I particularly like some of the visual trademarks of the show such as Galileo's hand on face thinking pose and the whole writing on anything when he gets his final clue, as stupid as it may be. WTF would be need to write F=MA for some of the 'mysteries'? Oh well, just shut off your brain and enjoy the coolness of Galileo vandalising private property.

Sexy Voice & Galileo! Is this the beginning of a spin off show? And twisted joshi kousei sounds appealing....

Another big appeal of this show is the guest stars. I was so fucking happy when I saw Hirosue Ryoko in ep 3. Though she had probably 15 minutes of screen time, it was great to see her on the small screen again. Ep 4 sees Sora Aoi in a 10 second cameo, ep 5 has Ohgo Suzuka (Sexy Voice) and ep 7 Fukada Kyoko. While I think that Fukada Kyoko has the acting ability of a broom, it was interesting to see her act as a villain. I spent the episode just watching her sometimes dropping her uber fake 'kawaii' persona. Seriously she should either completely drop her irritating facade or get lessons from Ogura Yuko. Its just so nice to see her speaking in a more 'real' tone of voice at the end of ep 7.

Finally Fukada Kyoko shows her true colours...

So far, Galileo has been a fun ride. Mystery doramas are hard to judge because they isn't really a main story to follow. Its more a collection of mysteries and how good a show is, is based on how well one remembers the stories after watching.


Anonymous said...

Love the show, it's pretty funny and the guest stars are quite efficient. Mysteries are often, like in the first season of Trick, no brainers. But, damn, how inefficient could be Kaoru as a cop ?

Jung said...

Ah I love this show. You gotta love the bang with which the ep 1 began, with that guy catching fire. I guess I was caught off guard as much as his useless friends were. hahaha

I was never much a fan of Shibasaki, but this drama goes a long way to casting a likeable light on her. And how come I never noticed how nice her legs were?!?!

mangifera said...

LOL. Galileo probably one of the best this season together with Iryu.

sometimes the mystery just fucked up but i still finish watching just to understand more but i really love episode 6. the mystery quite brilliant, it's stunning!

dude, check this one dorama out.

nothing fancy with the dorama but i kinda like the main actress. she's too cute!!

Akiramike said...

I think anonymous really hit the nail in the head on what's keeping Galileo from being great: Kaoru's ineptitude as a cop or rather her lack of growth and lack of contribution to the 'team'.

And the wardrobe person should be fired for making Shibasaki Kou wear long pants. We need more legs dammit!