Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Toda Erika - Note

Had this sitting on my HD for a long time but didn't notice. Its a DVD that came out in May last year but its more documentary rather than a gravure vid. Basically Note follows Toda Erika as she goes around promoting Death Note and doing photoshoots. The DVD has a running time of 53 minutes and unfortunately is not in widescreen.

OMG, who is this normal looking girl on my screen?! Masaka?

Yatta! The impostor has disappeared and Toda Erika is back! Kawaii~~~~!

IMO, she looks good with glasses.

Erika doing the Nacchi pout. :)

Gaaahhh! Toda Erika without makeup! My eyes are burning! Seriously, someone needs to do a series on which idol looks best without makeup.


Jung said...

omg you leave my girl alone >:-O

hl said...

omg you're mean!

Akiramike said...

Alls fair in love & war. :)