Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jdorama review: Dream Again ep 1

Every jdroma starts of as a great one. In Dream Again's case, its a brilliant start. Takashi Sorimachi once again plays another baseball player. Plagued by injury, he is demoted to the second team and finally fired. Working as a salaryman, he gets the baseball itch and decides to call off his wedding to Kato Ai. Unfortunately, he gets struck by lightning and is killed.

He's given a second chance in life, in the body of a rich fund manager. First thing is, this show has got loads of fucking storyline potential. You've got the former baseball player trying to get back in the team in the body of an out of shape man. There's the story of the fund manager being an evil bastard and how Sorimachi will cope with work. The third story is Shida Mirai showing up claiming to be Sorimachi's daughter. And finally is what Sorimachi will do to get back his Kato Ai.


With so much storyline to cover, pacing should not be a problem with the show. Most of the time, jdoramas are just one main storyline and they rely on side stories to fill in the gaps. Basically, there's no way they are going to fuck this up. I know I've said this about a few shows before but the quality of the 1st episode has made this cynical fella an optimist.

I've never been a fan of Kato Ai. Its cause she's always playing the irritating younger sister type role. This is the first show that she's playing the main actress and so far so good. The 2nd eye candy is Aoto Noriko as one of Sorimachi's employees. I'm kinda sick of seeing school uniforms and a hot looking OL with nice legs is just what I need.

Its just nice to see Sorimachi back in a bigger budget dorama. Hotman 2 was such a huge waste of time. And oh yes, the fact that the first episode ends with a nice twist doesn't hurt either. It just feels good to be excited about jdoramas again!

Baseball players get groupies and fund managers get hot OLs. Which one is better.....


Jung said...

This is one of the last doramas I've sampled this season, and I agree, this could turn out to be a decent series. It's definitely going to be a challenge for the writers to make Sorimachi's comeback as a baseball player convincing, and also winning Kato Ai's heart. (If indeed these two things ever happen)

I've always had a soft spot for Kato Ai, because she is very much underrated and I always root of underdogs.

Anonymous said...

I've watched 2 episodes and so far I'm not impressed. They've totally ignored the 'evil fund manager' part and pretty much solely concentrating on the part of getting back to playing baseball. If this continues for another ep. I'll probably abandon ship (and looks like from the preview of ep. 3 they're going to expand on Shida Mirai's role).

It's not that the show is bad but there're much better shows this season to spend your time on (Galileo, Mop Girl, Iryu 2, to name just a few).