Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gravure review: Kadena Reon - A Girl's Desire

Warning: The following post is boderline NSFW (not safe for work). This post is not people who think Naruto is the greatest manga ever.

Where's the goddamn wind when you need it?

OMFG. If only gravure videos were this good. Seriously, why can't gravure videos be more creative like this one? A girl's video came out in 2004, a year before Virginity which I looked at two posts ago. While it may not have the iconic ipod scene, overall provides a much more umm, satisfying viewing.

You've been a naughty girl Reon...

A Girl's desire starts of with Reon in a school uniform. You can't go wrong with that. They try to keep the scene simple cause Reon's not really the schoolgirl type. ( Ueto Aya is another story) She does that typical stare far away at something look but enchances it by pursing her lips and swallowing her saliva, hinting at some action which Bill Clinton is fond of.

Hello, I've seen you somewhere before..

Slowly she lifts up her skirt while barely giving us the view we want. The cinematographer is a man after my own. Less is more and more is less. One must tease and tantalize the audience. Make them want the payoff even more.

Mirror, mirror on the drawer, who has the best cleavage of them all?

The next scene is of Reon in a yutaka and again, its just so fucking hypnotic the way she slowly takes it off. There's just something about the yutaka. How it covers up so much and reveals so little yet so easily taken if. I'm just surprised I've got enough blood in my head to think.

Need a hand? :)

Reon stares at a mirror, blowing into it with her cock-sucking lips. Man, her lips rival Ishihara Satomi's. I just love the symbolism in this gravure vid. Its so playfully innocent yet so naughty.

A is for apple. B is for breasts...

Next, she's wearing this bra with fruits all over it as she points to each of them and tells us what each of the fruits are. I was too busy drooling at the suppleness of her oppai to care. Whoever came up with these scenarios deserves to be given the best gravure scenario writer.

I see England, I see France....

The vid slows down a bit as we get to the typical various costume changes. But the good thing is that they don't waste time and quickly get on from one costume to another. Then comes the secret weapon. Wet school uniform! She opens the top too quickly for my liking. Wet t-shirt is a genre in itself. There was no need to rush to wet bra so quickly.

And the final scene is the ultimate secret weapon! Something that no parent would want they gravure idol daughters to do! Reon with white milky substance all over her chest area and she proceeds to smear it all over her bosom and finishes by tasting some of it. Bukakke symbolism in a gravure! Is the line between gravures and JAV going to be crossed anytime soon?

In the words of my friend will, I'm very nafsu...

You can easily find this torrent on the net and I bloody highly recommend it. My opinion of gravures as just idols lounging around has changed. Gravure vids can be dynamic, a sort of erotic art form but within the boundaries of non-nudity with the added requirement of imagination!

Does it taste good?


Anonymous said...

Guy you are the greatest blog ever ......
fuck the ohthers.
I am a bit drunk now sorry.
But well I wish you to live your life to the fullest.
Kadena or not.
Peace take care.
(a french guy !!!)

Mr Guu said...

Big n Black would be happy with an 8+P between frame 00 - 120398123 in that video clip where the wind is just not blowing or helping ;)

I'm actually going to quote anonymous "Guy you are the greatest blog ever ........ fuck the oHthers."

Now, let's fix me with 2006 - 2007 Jdoramas :)

1. Someone in the same boat waiting for Kadena forever, Shuupijun (with a divorce paper ready to hand in to the family court in the CBD) LOL
2. Someone who wants to be the soap that she uses in one of the video clips (where's that screeny?!)
3. Someone who wants to be a banana.
4. Someone who wants to be that fake white creamy stuff.
5. Someone who wants to be every single bit of dead feather covering the important parts.