Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gravure review: Kadena Reon - Virginity

WARNING: The following pictures may cause nose bleeding.

I haven't watched any gravures in a long time. Basically my supplier has given up on such a noble pursuit after getting a gf. Oh, the blasphemy! I've heard of of Kadena Reon before and had seen pictures and small clips but it was only after a friend was watching her clips on youtube that I became hooked.

So, this is what heaven looks like.....

As you can see from the pics, she is one fine specimen of why Japan produces the hottest girls. Part Sawajiri Erika, part Hsu Chi with the firmest looking pair of oppai ever created by God. One cannot speak about her without mentioning her gravity defying breasts. Maybe it has a lot to do with her young age. She was only 21 when the gravure dvd was shot.

The greatest camera shot in all of gravure history!

99% of gravure videos I have seen are pretty much unimaginative. The director of this gravure shoot must be commended. In addition to doing your typical lazing around pouting at the camera shots, there are some pretty dynamic shots. I'm speaking of course of Reon rocking around to music from her ipod while wearing a small tube top.

Such a naughty smile! :)

The director knows what camera angles to use to accentuate her strengths and tease the audience. I'm pretty sure that most people have at least seen the animated gifs of her listening to her ipod while the camera gives ample view of her bosom from below. It even surpasses Alizee's bum shaking in terms of hypnotic ability.

Where's the food? Oh well, I'd be more than happy to eat her. :)

The 1st half of the video is very good but the second half becomes your generic walk along the beach in bikini type shots. Is she good enough to supplant Isoyama Sayaka as my favourite gravure idol? There's only one way to find out, which is to hunt for more Kadena Reon stuff. :)


Coltrain said...

watch her video clip before too.....
nose bleed like shit....

Anonymous said...

Oh, who is this supplier of yours? Can give publish his e-mail address or contact info here? Is he interested in selling?