Monday, June 26, 2006

Jmovie review: TOUCH

Touch is a movie based on the Adachi manga of the same name. While I am familiar with H2, I've never read the manga. Surprisingly, the story is very similar to H2 with Koshien being the background story. Instead of two best friends, we have twin brothers played by the twins from Hotman. And of course, the childhood friend/neighbour who happens to be a very kawaii. On the minus side, there's no Haruka-chan equivalent. :(

I've got 2 main criticisms of the show:

1) Horrible pacing.

There's something that shakes up the story at around 45 minutes. Problem is, the story stalls there for like another 40 minutes before we get to the grand finale. So basically we get a very fast 40 minutes, then it slows down like a soap opera before we get to the ending. The ending is done well, its just that it takes so freaking long to get there. They should have have the plot development thing further back and have the show get faster after that cause it took so long to get to the end that the movie lost kinda lost steam.

2) No freaking humour/fan service.

A movie based on a Adachi manga with no fanservice. I mean at least H2 had the sense to incorporate some minor ecchi stuff. Humour is what keeps thing interesting when the story stagnants. Couldn't they have used the supporting characters more for jokes?

Hello legs............

Anyways, its only an OK movie and it really made me wanna watch H2. Its like H2 light without the charm and humour. Of course, my main purpose for watching Touch is Nagasawa Masami who I 1st saw in Dragon Zakura. She has the hard job of combining the maturity of Hikari and the kawaiiness of Haruka from H2 and she does an good job. There are a lot of scenes where there's no dialogue and she has to convery Minami's thoughts using her facial emotions.

kawaii!!!!!!!!!!! She's really got a nice, slim figure... :)

She's definitely got the acting chops and screen presence. She kinda reminds me of Hirosue Ryoko in a way. And she's going to be in a show called: Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu. Wheeee... did someone say Silor fuku?


tUrtle said...

Managed to get a bootleg version for about $3. Not a bad movie. But, yeah, nothing spectacular. Soundtrack was kind of disappointing. -_- They sure didn't do the theme song justice...

Akiramike said...

Yeah, the running scene in the end when the theme song finally came on was kinda flat.

The Great Swifty said...

I enjoyed this when I first watched the film, but yes, I think I had to fastforward through the slow soap opera parts.

The H2 series is better, yes.