Friday, June 16, 2006

AKB48 - Guilty pleasure?

Can't believe how much I'm listening to AKB48. Seriously, I'm probably going to hell for listening to them. AKB48 is a group that goes straight for its audience: otakus. I mean, the name AKB48 comes from Akibahara, the promised land of otakus. What else gets otakus riled up than cute girls flipping their skirts? The answer is lots of girls dancing in short skirts.

The producers seemed to have taken the HP concept and expanded it to many more girls. Its just throwing more shit at the wall and hoping something sticks. None of the girls look like superstars though and I doubt any girl with big time potential would want to be associated with AKB48.

But hey, gotta admit Skirt Hikari and Sakura no Hanabira Tachi are pretty addictive songs. Somehow they're songs that catch the ears of the otaku public. Its like a rat looking at cheese on a trap. You know its specifically mean to entice you and you can't help liking it. Watch the PVs and look at the dance moves. Its all too familiar and somehow enthralling.

Thought AKB48 may have wiggled their way into my playlist, I doubt they'll last more than 2 weeks at most. Maybe I'm just saying that to feel less guilty. Someone once said that pleasure's no fun without some guilt.........


bipeds earthdweller said...

it's akihabara. :)

Anonymous said...

I like them, :P