Thursday, April 05, 2018

Legend of Galactic Heroes Die Neue These Episode 1

It is here! The remake of perhaps the greatest anime series ever made! When news appeared maybe two years ago, I was skeptical. How could you remake perfection? As a fan, I only wanted one thing; that the anime become popular that your average anime fan would know the names of Wang Wen Li and Reinhard von Lohengramm as much as Luffy and Naruto. That the name Iserlohn and Rosen Ritter would would bring a smile to people's faces similarly to when people think of the Eclipse or The Bank of the Hawk. (OK, maybe not The Eclipse)

I kept my expectations very low. My initial reaction to the redesigns and voice acting in the trailers wasn't so good. I thought , "hat doesn't not sound like the Reinhard and Yang-Wen Li I know!" Nevertheless, I sat down to watch episode 1 with bated breath.

What I remember about the early episodes of the original LoGH series was that it introduced 50 characters and I was busy trying to keep track of who was who before the story got going.

Die Nueue These solves this very problem by only introducing characters from the Galactic Empire. Instead of introducing all the characters from the alliance side, the audience could guess what was going on and Kircheis gave Yang Wen-Li such a great introduction: What if they had someone as smart as Reinhard on the other side?

Such a compact but brilliant storytelling move because Yang and Reinhard are both sides of the same coin. It also builds up anticipation not only how Yang is going to lead his men to victory like he promised but who is he exactly? I got crazy goosebumps when Kircheis said that line. Episode 1 of LoGH Die Neue These has surpassed my expectations. Absolue must watch.


dgundam said...

watched it and it does look good, but are they really going to remake all 100+ episodes?

that would be too much. and unfortunately i dont think it would be as good as naruto and one piece since it doesnt have a manga and only a light novel. which people should get as soon as each volume gets translated. too bad the audible stops at vol3

4545 said...

Even though Production IG was behind this, I only went in after reading your initial take, and was not disappointed. Halfway through ep1 I got the chills, at the end of it I wanted 100 episodes. After ep2, I had an urge to rewatch the original, for a third time, no less. Now I can only hope the remaining episodes maintain a similar expectation.