Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Chinmoku Hotei

A big thank you to Buck for reminding me about Chinmoku Hotei with Nagasaku Hiromi (Aoi Tori) as this dubious house cleaner with a muddy history who is suspected of committing murder.


+ Tanaka Tetsushi as the slimy solicitor who takes on Nagasaku Hiromi's case with ulterior motives. I really like his character and he kept it interesting.
+Sugimoto Tetta and Usuda Asami as the two coppers who investigate the case.

+ Your usual great WOWOW direction and gritty look.
+ Its a show about how perception is reality and sometimes the worst people are right in front of you hiding in plain sight.

- The overacting from the slimy news producer and dodgy cop are too obvious. Its not Hanzawa Naoki bad but I think a bit more subtlety would have made the series more intriguing. What's with Japanese always wanting to make the bad people so obvious?

= Nagasawa Hiromi has no wrinkles on her face. Seriously a baby has more wrinkles than her. Seriously Japan needs to stop with this wrinkle free nonsense.


Another quality WOWOW show to add to the list. It kind of reminds me of Hokuto with the climax being a trial but Chinmoku Hotei is a good story about society is too quick to judge and act in one's interests without regard for truth. Very watchable.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the news producer's acting was atrocious; so bad in fact that it made the whole journalism arc feel incongruous with the rest of the drama. But overall I'm glad Masaya Ozaki came back with another solid drama.
Two other WOWOW dramas, Innocent Days and Yami no Bansosha S2, are being subbed on d-addicts if you're interested.

Elweiss said...
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Elweiss said...

It's an OK show but damn the two main actors really pissed me off. Hiromi Nagasaku has this no-expression-face, I don't really like this type of unreadable character. But the worst of the worst is Hayato Ichihara, he looks like he's acting for a huge epic scene with his narrowed look and his moves slow pace. Moreover, his acting is so bland. Beside that, the other actors were very good, and the story starts amazing but loses its appeal over the drama to finish very badly.