Monday, May 23, 2016

Utenai Keikan Episode 1

Utenai Keikan or the policeman who cannot shoot is an interesting show about a career policeman Shibasaki who is forced to take sole responsibility when a policeman who has mental problems commits suicide.

Shibasaki's boss leaves him out to dry and Shibasaki's father, a former policeman gives him advice and tells him to investigate the matter more. Shibasaki is under a lot of stress not just from his workplace but also his family with plans to buy a home next year with his dad providing the deposit.

So at the mid point I'm thinking this is your everyman uncovering a conspiracy show. Shibasaki is transferred away from the main HQ as he continues his investigation. By the end of the episode, Shibasaki finds out who the main culprit is and I'm wondering where the story was going.

Shibasaki tells the culprit to be his spy in HQ and proclaims that he will work his way back to HQ. This got me excited because Shibasaki is not your nice guy protagonist. Its a dog eat dog world of police politics plus the fact that he is obviously a smart cop having to do non-administrative duties will be interesting.

Utenai Keikan does not have the smell of a family friendly guy learns to be a better person kind of story and I look forward to watching the remaining 4 episodes after a good first episode.

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