Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dias Police Eps 1-4

Matsuda Shota is the lone policeman for this secret group of illegal immigrants who live in Tokyo. Dias Police is more like a private detective show about immigrants and the show is surprisingly sympathetic to their plight with Matsuda's character talking about how Japan hardly recognises any refugees.

My problem with Dias Police is tone. It deals with some dark issues like organ and children selling to suicide by tongue biting but it doesn't go for realism at all and is closer to a afternoon cop dorama or even a tokusatsu show rather than a WOWOW one. It tries to be light hearted but I never even smirked once.

I just find the tone all over the place and nothing clicked with me. The only reason I lasted 4 episodes is that they were pretty short. Then I saw the preview for episode 5 and Kaho is in it! Looks like I'll be staying on another 2 episodes. Otherwise, meh. Nothing to see here.


Buck said...

Have you found a must-watch or just a watch-worthy drama this season, Mike? I skipped the last episode of Kakkou no Tamago (can't be bothered), didn't pay heed to Dias Police, put off Juhan Shuttai and Yabai Tsuma after 2nd episode but it seems like I dint' miss much.

Sonna~ said...

That sucks, I was really looking forward to this one. It had so much potential.

Cyberwave said...


NHK did a decent job this season. Kiseki no Hito & Totto Terebe are highly recommended.

Akiramike, I was so shocked by the news that Mitsushima & Ishii Yuya were divorced and
she is now having relationship with Nagayama Kento. I had so much faith on this couple before :(

Akiramike said...

Buck: Totto Terebe is on my watch list.

I was so happy when I read the first line about the divorce and then so sad when I read the second line about Eita's brother. :(

Buck said...

Thanks everyone for the Totto and Kiseki.
I'm shocked by Hikari's divorce but not surprised that she's dating Kento. When I watched Gomen ne Seishun, I thought: "You must be blind if you don't fall for this fairy.

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
Shame about Dias Police, cause I was super excited by the premise originally. Well, if there's any dorama worth watching these days, I'll be hearing about on this site. Like searching for a needle in a haystack, finding quality these days, grumble, grumble...
Even though divorce is relatively common in showbiz, still sad to hear about Mitsushima Hikari...she'll probably appear in paparazzi photos with all sorts of unworthy dudes for the next few months...we'll just have to grin and bear it.