Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Looking at Fall 2013 Jdoramas



WOWOW Police and conspiracy show with Omori Nao, Tanaka Rena, Mimura and Kinpachi sensei? Hopefully this will help Tanaka Rena forget she was ever in that abomination Gekiryuu. Please be good. Please be good. Please be good.


Just realised this show is finished. Look at that cast. Downloading now and can't wait to watch.



Funny concept of island hopping doctor who falls in love easily. Its got Matsuda Shota and Arakawa Yoshiyoshi. The bad thing is that its got Takei Emi who brought down the Kenshin movie with her unnecessary monologue.


A dorama about making games? Not something you see everyday. Could be very interesting depending on the script.


Reasons to watch - Tabe Makiko + Mimura + writer wrote Last Present and Lunch no Joou and Detroit Metal City
Reasons not to watch - Kame + writer wrote Buzzer Beater


Takeuchi Yuko + show about Japanese workplace practices? Could be interesting. I want to see it deal with Japanese doing unpaid overtime and not being able to take more than a few days or at most a week off work.


When I see Kitagawa Keiko, I am instantly reminded of Lady. That show marked a new low in stupidity for spy jdoramas. The preview for Dokushin Kizoku does give off the vibe of three KDO like characters getting together. There's a possibility it could be a Nojima Shinki style smart and funny show. The writer also wrote Koi ni Ochitara and Unfair so can't really tell. Might be watchable but I would not bet on it.



Kimutaku hasn't been responsible for any show being decent since Pride (I still can't get over what he did to Karei Naru Ichizoku) and Suspect X would have been perfect without Shibasaki Kou. From the writer that brought us the Keizoku series and Yanpapa. The only way it could work if its as quirky as Keizoku and Kimutaku stops playing himself. These two have no goodwill from me to want to find out.


She can't act and doesn't have screen presence, wtf is she still getting pushed?

3. 49

WTF!!!!! Why is Nojima Shinji writing this? Either he must need money badly or someone's got pictures of him with an AKB48 girl. Dead father possessing son's body could be funny if the show doesn't look an idol promotion. On second thought, this should not be subbed because I cringe at the thought of watching basketball in jdoramas because its not a sport you can fake. I checked the Japanese wiki just to be sure. WOWOW, what are you doing? Surely you can pay Nojima Shinji double for whatever he's making to write this? Just had a look at the CM and no way this can good. Nojima Shinji WTF?


Couldn't finish the first series and I'm sick of Sakai Masato's overacting although in this case its appropriate since its a comedy. Legal show that's less about law and more about sentimental parables, no thanks.


This show lost me at 'Despite the heartrending pain he has been through, he still tries to believe in people. The look in his eyes unsettles criminals and gains the trust of tight-lipped parties involved in cases.'


I love legs as much as any guy but this is getting ridiculous. Obviously legs rate well enough in Japan.


Gourike Ayame as a detective? Um, how old is she? Old enough for police cadet school but detective? Next thing you know, Ueto Aya will be playing a police detective.


I like the supporting cast and would give it a try if it were an NHK or WOWOW show. Lol at Moriyama's gangster hair.


WTF. WTF decided she could act?


dgundam said...

tokyo tox box is being subbed. so far i find it boring, plus its too short at 20+ minutes. and thats coming from a kamen rider g3x kaname jun fan XD

sadly kurokochi isnt being subbed so far. its actually good. i liked it. and gouriki wasnt even that bad in it. lol i was reading 2chan comments and they agree it wasnt bad (and they HATE gouriki). you will get to see gouriki piss herself in the 1st episode lol.
a dark comedy where people killed by the main character. in the first episode alone, nagase shoots 2 guys in the head, then blackmails gouriki, plus hides/buries the bodies. hes a cop willing to do anything to get what he wants.
sadly nagase's previous drama nakuna wasnt subbed as well :/

well zettai redo season 2 with aya ueto as a detective wasnt bad. i guess its because it costarred kiritani kenta.

not only is she ugly but shes a bad actress. the akb johnnies blight has to go.

Soredemo translation advice bastard said...

Checked out the first eps of most of these. This season is really dire. Stuff like 49 and Honey Trap are unwatchable.

Legal High - definitely borders on the obnoxious side, but as for quantity and difficulty of language, I think it tops every other J-drama out there. So has some value just as a challenge. It also has an occasional funny moment and Aragaki Yui is pretty cute. ;]

Toshi Sensetsu feels undeniably terrible, but I also felt drawn to it last season for some not leg related reason. The music? The bits of mythology (as cheesily packaged as it all is)? In a season this horrible, might continue watching.

Dokushin Kizoku is surprisingly entertaining for the first few eps. Can see the show getting boring if it gets more sappy than funny, though.

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
I was dying for you to do a wish list for the Fall dorama season, and you have not disappointed.
Pretty much everything on your "do not" list I've given the gong or wouldn't touch with a bargepole. Except Honey Trap. C'mon, it looks SO noir and SO trashy - I can't wait;) I gave Legal High a try - hated it. If that's comedy, I'm want off the planet now. On the other hand, I love Danda Rin. Just like a film from the late master Juzo Itami, especially "A Taxing Woman", this dorama tackles serious social ills with a fantastic female lead and cast who can really deliver the laughs. As far as I'm concerned, if you can make a comedy that involves a topic that makes me crazy-angry without belittling the issues or screwing up the humour, you're a genius.
My #1 pick for please sub me is the new Miki Satoshi dorama. All I can remember is that "interview" is in the title. That man can do no wrong in my books.

Mrmz said...

I'm currently watching Dandarin (still not done the first episode) and it seems interesting :S I also
checked Dokushin Kizoku.. nothing out of the ordinary but has potential. I love Kitagawa Keiko despite hating Lady. I loved her in a lot of shows, specially her latest Akumu-Chan. Loved the mix of fantasy, dream with fairy tail stories.

I saw that Umi No Ue To Shinryojo's first episode is subbed ;) Yay Matsuda Shota :D

I really wanted to watch kurokouchi for Nagase Tomoya!! I admit he's my bias :p but the story did seem interesting. Don't know about the main girl. I wonder if Link will get subbed :S

I think Tokyo Bandwagon doesn't seem zoo bad and I don't mind came :P

I totally agree with you about Legal high, I've been trying to watch the first season because I heard its good but it annoys the hell out of me specially Sakai Masato!
Also agree about Ando Lloyd, somehow I don't like the concept, and I don't like Takuya Kimura
but I do like Shibasaki Kou but not enough to endure Takuya Kimura :P

I'll be waiting for your review of Tokyo Toy Box to see if I should watch it ;)

Anonymous said...

I should watch honey trap just for that Moriyama's gangster hair. lmao that is priceless!

Well, I think I deserve some sort of prize for watching Ando. Perhaps kids will find it entertaining, but this show is just so badly executed that it's hard to watch with straight face.

Miss Pilot was watchable... but I may be slightly biased, because I have a soft spot for Maki. haha

At least we have another food show this season! But it's not that great!

kondthol said...

I just watched No Con Kid and it was surprisingly hilarious. I hope someone pick this 24-minutes drama to be subbed.

You may have no interest to Satoshi Miki's new drama but I choose to watch this, I guess it will have the same path as Atami no Sousakan, but again I bet you won't get over shows like this.

Anonymous said...

tokyo bandwagon is being subbed
well, kamenashi-kun wasn't that bad ^^

lzyData said...

I see I'm not the first to point out that Ueto Aya has played a detective, and that show had a sequel and a special too. Just goes to show Akiramike's tastes are very different from the Japanese public's :P

Ando Lloyd: THIS IS A DISASTER. An incoherent ripoff of Terminator. I cannot believe the waste of money and talent that went into this.

Dandarin: Pretty good. Could have been a disaster because the lead Danda Rin is herself an unrelatable weirdo, but actually the situations and her colleagues' reactions to her behaviour really liven things up. Great ensemble performance so far.

Doctor X: So far it is exactly like the first, except with different villains and even more ridiculous medical practices. Fujiki Naohito is surprisingly laid back and outshone - you might forget he is in this.

Keiji no manazashi: Not bad, actually, if you like human interest stories. Shiina Kippei is a juvenile detention centre counsellor-turned-detective. His methods of investigation are very different from his masculine, hard-charging colleagues, but they do the job. Unfortunately I still can't help remembering Shiina as the buffoon detective Kazamatsuri from Nazotoki.

Tokyo Bandwagon: Human interest stories par excellence. Plus Tabe Mikako, Mimura and Taira Airi. Plus Tamaki Koji's music. What's not to like?

Toshidensetsu: Ditched the first show after a while, shocked that it can get a sequel. The mysteries are pedestrian and boring, the characters cardboard with no development at all. It tries to be TRICK, it ends up bleh. Every now and then Takenaka Naoto does such shows to earn some pocket money; he can do this role while asleep.

Umi no ue no shinryoujo: Very traditional plot, situation, and characters, but the cast and crew do have some fun. (See the guitar bit.) He gets the big parts, but I can't accept Matsuda Shota as a doctor, or pretty much any role. There's an artificiality to his acting - he always looks like he's faking it. He should find a niche and stick to it like his brother Matsuda Ryuhei aka Gyoten.

Jesus Christ Supercop said...

Tokyo Bandwagon and Dokushin Kizoku interest me because of Tabe and Kitagawa.

Anything by Satoshi Miki is a no-brainer, and it looks like he cast all the usual suspects again.

jt said...

jadefrost just added SPEC Rei CM. i dont care if it's bad or what... just look at toda..

Jung said...

^jt: I would totally eat that nose tissue at 0:04.

I think Ueto has some acting chop. She can do serious roles well... Far more talented than Masami Nagasawa. Stop the hate!

Jung said...


Good god, look at Toda in this video... in HQ.

I still don't care if I have bigger chest than her. lmao.

Mark said...

Be prepared to be disappointed this season.

Danda Rin has Takeuchi Yuko doing her best Moriyama (from Doctors) impression. It's so ridiculous I can't stand to watch it.

Tokyo Toy Box has the worst script ever... "We need to change the specifications! Don't you understand??? We have to change the specifications!!!"

I actually enjoy the ridiculousness of Legal High and I enjoy looking at Kitagawa Keiko. But I don't take dramas seriously enough to expect good acting. For you on the other hand - this might be the worst season ever...

Anonymous said...

Rootabega again:
I love reading everyone's opinions and observations.
That Miki Satoshi dorama is called Henshin Interviewer no Yuutsu, BTW. I watched the first ep of Honey Trap without subs, and all I can say is nonononono. The scariest thing about the show is that Nakama Yukie's face can barely move anymore. The one time she laughs out loud, they had to shoot her from behind. In TV terms, worse than a plane wreck.

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
Sorry for yet another post. I was getting worried about Miki sensei's dorama because the theme song is a lousy POS by KAT-TUN (Kat-tun dude is also starring - I'm not happy but Miki could direct a rock to give an brilliant performance). I thought the evil suits would screw with Miki's superb musical sensibilities, but not to worry - Ueno Koji (incredible genius) is in charge of the incidental music.
I am STOKED now!!

Jung said...

@mark, Haha Dandarin isn't so bad! I find Yuko endearing to watch! I don't recall seeing dorama about Occupation safety agency.... it's something new!

Tokyo Game Box was surprisingly watchable too... again, it's a novel subject matter. The cast is all very likeable too.

I've seen much worse season before, and that wasn't that long ago!

Akiramike said...

gdundam: I was hoping for a 'everything this season sux' response so I can catch up on my movies. Looks like I'll have to try Kurokochi.

Rootabega: Looks like I'll have to give Dandarin and Henshin Interviewer a try.

kondthol: Thanks for mentioning No Con Kid. As an avid gamer, sounds like its right up my alley.

jt: SPEC lost me with the movie.

Jung: Toda Erika's not totally flat...

Sonnaaaaa~ said...

I think dandarin is going to be one of those dramas that has a really good episode somewhere. I watched the first ep and skipped some parts, it was OK.

Umi no ue was OK, but my Takei Emi meter (just like my Osamu Mukai meter) is nearing the top, which means no matter how good something is or who wrote it, if she's in it then I can't watch it. I just hope Matsuda can recover from that awful sentai police drama.

Watching Tokyo Toy Box now, seems OK but we'll see.

Dokushin is my fav. so far -- Tsuyoshi and Devi Sukarno are kind of pulling this one along. Dewi/Devi Sukarno has this incredible boss like aura in everything that she does. Could see this one going sour though.

Couldn't finish the first Nagasawa Nice Legs drama which was too bad. The stories were incredibly interesting, but I couldn't stand her anymore.

Also agree, Ando Lloyd was awful. I couldn't finish the first ep. Serious failure.

I liked Doctor X (huge Yonekura fan) and Legal High. Koyuki plays an excellent bad ... lady.

jt said...

@ jung

i lost count on how many times i watched the trailer. and those bumpies are fine


good or bad spec, i think its a win win situation

Ukev said...

I really expected a lot of this season with a new Kimutaku drama and such, but they all ended up being kind of disappointing.

The only drama that I'm actually enjoying at the moment is Kurokouchi. It's a lot more enjoyable than your average detective drama.

dgundam said...


same, am liking kurokochi. the show's dark comedy makes it different. gourki isnt too bad either. hopefully someone decides to sub it. :(

Antspace said...

Putting my hopes on the Satoshi Miki dorama. Kinda like the series with Matsuda Shota, but only saw ep 1 yet...
Oh yes. Kurokochi could be good as well... It's funny to see so many series in a second season. Many actors with a name flock to those : p

gustave154 said...

Watching Tokyo Bandwagon because of Taira Airi and its pretty good so far. Kuroneko Tokidoki Hanaya needs to be subbed to. it seems interesting.

Mimmie said...

LINK is easily the best drama this season! Maybe with subs some more people would watch it, it´s really on the more mature drama side.