Friday, October 04, 2013

Doctors : Saikyou no Meii 2 ep 6-9

Doctors 2 was a show that could have been great but ultimately the writer, Fukuda Yasushi did not take the series anywhere exciting. I really enjoyed Moriyama making a conscious effort to be good to great comedic effect but that was only 1 episode. We had Sagara proclaiming he was going for the director position but that did not bring any interesting results.

I can get behind the kuro Sagara idea...

I couldn't believe episode 9 was the last one. There was no time to take the show someplace interesting. The series became another one of Sagara's plans. Nothing wrong with playing safe. Maybe it was the studio directive or Fukuda Yasushi didn't think he could go anywhere new but I'd much rather he tried and failed than rerun season 1 again. Fukuda Yasushi had already spent the enemy of my enemy is my friend bullet in the dorama special.

Sagara needed to get fail and Moriyama needed to win either accidentally or deliberately. Sagara needed to discover that he was trying to be too clever. The only thing I was thinking about during the last episode was how much more exciting the operations in Iryuu were. Hard to believe Doctors 2 averaged an 18% rating which is 4% higher than the much better season 1. Ultimately, its the same thing as season 1. Watchable with a few very funny Moriyama episodes but  I feel let down by its lack of ambition.


dgundam said...

loved doctors 1 but seems like 2nd season is just a rehash, so not that into it. for some reason shows that just rehash stuff in later seasons seems i tend to lose interest in watching (for example gokusen. gave up watching 2 or 3 since theres no point its basically the same thing)

i dont think there will be any other jdrama topping iryus operation scenes anytime soon. sad too since so many more inferior shows get higher ratings.
like last year doctor x with ryoko yonekura got pretty high ratings but they dont even show anyhting during the operations. it just focuses on her face with her bad acting of just widening her eyes. i did enjoy the show though for the sticking it to the hospital bosses plot. the second season is going to be broadcast soon in japan i hope they actually put operation scenes like iryu but doubt it. :/

Akiramike said...

Yonekura Ryoko is another bad actress I can't stand and her shows are horribly written. No idea why she is popular.

dgundam said...

heh yup she is a bad actress, but i think they like her because shes leggy? and she has that whole persona of being sexy but for me i dont like her eyes, plus at 40+ she is getting old and her looks are decaying. and most of her shows arent that good, and her acting is pretty much identical in most of them. the only one i really liked was sekai no bijin with shiina kippei but it was more of the plot. but she still brings in the ratings thats why they keep on giving her shows to lead each year.

Antspace said...

I guess it's because she is a diva. Quite exceptional in Japan. Just like Kimutaku it's all charisma.

Jadefrosts said...

I was expecting Doctors 2 to go places after Ep 5 when Sagara decided that he wanted to challenge Moriyama for the hospital director position. But nothing really happened. Sagara was manipulative and just got his way all the time with pretty much everyone in the hospital while Moriyama did nothing about it. I couldn't believe it ended just like that.

It felt like a bait and switch. Or was it the network's intent all along since TV Asahi dramas almost always become a series.

I found Yonekura's early Matsumoto Seicho dramas to be tolerable. Maybe because of the story and rest of the cast. But she's one-dimensional. And if one didn't know better from the media circus, one would probably think that it is the legs of Yonekura and Nagasawa that are starring in Doctor X 2 and Toshidensetsu 2 this season.