Sunday, August 21, 2011

IS ~Otoko demo Onna demo nai Sei~ eps 1-4

IS is one confusing dorama. I haven't been this confused since I found out Kayo Police was a dude. Anyway IS is a story about intersexuals, people who are born with both more and female traits like in the case of our main protagonist, Haru (Fukuda Saki) who was born with a vagina and an oversized clitoris/small dick. Haru was born with both ovaries and testicles but her testicles were removed when she was a child.

However Haru was raised as a boy and acts like a boy thanks to Fukuda Saki's acting which will prevent me from looking at her the same way again. To get into high school, Haru has to pretend to be a girl and he finds himself getting his period and dealing with all sorts of confusing questions.

IS starts of with a recap of the parents having Haru and them learning to deal with Haru being an intersexual. With the happy intro and perfect parents, it just looked like yet another Ichi Litre no Namida/Taiyo no Uta. I'm not saying IS is a disease but rather that it seemed to be following the formula of here is a rare condition, they're gonna have a perfect family and its going to be a bright melodrama with all the cliches.

IS finally got interesting for me when it was revealed that Miwako (Gouriki Ayame), Haru's friend is also an IS. Her male organs had been removed and she had been taking female hormones since young but her vagina is underdeveloped. Oh yeah, Gouriki Ayame is a picture of kawaiiness who needs to be put in a goth loli dress.  :)

I guess the whole point of IS is the journey of Haru, a person who's gender cannot be defined. It is an interesting topic but whether it will rise above the standard show and tell stories of Ichi Litre and Taiyo no Uta, I cannot say.


Anonymous said...

This one is a little too melodramatic for me. It has the potential to be good but I can't connect with any of the characters at all.

Akiramike said...

Its not a character dorama but it hasn't crossed the overmelodrama line for me... yet.

Antspace said...

I'm enjoying this one. It's an interesting subject and the treatment is fairly serious. I didn't think of it as to melodramatic, although I could be spoiled by al the J-Doramas I've seen till now. I do like Fukada Saki as a tomboy. I even liked her in Quartet. Glad she's getting a better role with this one : )

Anonymous said...

I was always lukewarm on Fukada Saki, but I really liked her in this. In fact, I watched this entire drama in three days, which is a record for me. I rather liked this one. I really liked the main character's attitude. There were some cliches but I just... thoroughly enjoyed this drama and I'm glad everyone in it participated.