Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Soredemo ikite yuku eps 3+4

How can there be any justice in this world when a dorama as good as Soredemo ikite yuku getting only ~10% viewership?! This dorama just makes me gleefully happy because it is nice to go through a season without getting pissed off with amateurish writing or wooden acting. I can't even remember a season when we had two must watch doramas and at least one pretty good one.

If Mitsushima Hikari doesn't win all the best actress awards this season, it will be proof that the winner is probably the best in the world at giving blowjobs. I just love her portrayal of Futaba. She's so headstrong in believing that something good will come out of her relationship with Hiroki, despite the fact that social rules dictate that her family will forever suffer and live in shame.

Instead of burying her head and living her life, she wants to confront the pain of Hiroki's family. Maybe want is too strong a word but she exposes herself to the pain of Hiroki's family. Perhaps as a form of penance on behalf of her brother or perhaps Futaba is sick of living in fear and silence. The dorama doesn't allude to anything but one thing we can be sure is that she is not afraid of getting hurt.

Her feelings for her brother have not really changed despite the revelation at the end of episode 2, which I find interesting because it leaves open the possibility for a Berserk ending. One of the big ongoing questions for the manga Berserk is whether the main female character, Casca will want to seek vengeance on the villain when she regains her memory because she has worshipped and adored him. I will probably have to wait 10 years before it is answered in the manga.

Its pretty safe to say that Fumiya is not exactly reformed will all the neon, flashing hints the writer has been giving us. There could be some twist but it would be way too convoluted and would bring the story down. At the moment of truth, will Futaba still help her brother? Just as all Berserk fans have been wondering for years whether Casca will seek revenge on Griffith or even save him in the end, I want to see whether Futaba will protect her brother, even from Hiroki.

The dinner table argument scene at the end of episode 4 had tension and high emotions so thick you could slice it with a knife. I was thinking would Futaba's dad risk breaking up his family because of something that he felt was his duty as a father? It looked like the family was going to break up and then unexpectedly Akari supported her dad! Is this going to turn out to be a high tension seemingly ok brother back in family but sister suspect something is amiss? This brings us to the huge awesome revelation that came out of the blue and just blew my mind. The way the truth was revealed was so beautiful because it was not through words but by the faces and reactions of the characters.

I certainly did not see it coming but it explained certain things, created more questions and creates a strong case for a potential Berserk ending. In two episodes, Sakomoto Yuji has also introduced a new girl to add some excitement into Futaba and Hiroki's relationship or perhaps she will be more than just a plot device. So many side stories to fill out the dorama and I expect something for Hiroki's brother as well. I'm so tempted to watch ep 5 raw but that would mean I would have to wait longer for episode 6. Unless I watch it again when the subs come out. Hhhhmm. Do not miss this dorama!

addendum: Decided to ditch Hanawake no yon shimai. I just cannot bloody stand the storylines for the other 3 sisters and the ending of episode 3 has not gotten me excited for anything.


Anonymous said...

I really hope the blowjob theory is correct. At least we can hope!

Jung said...

In place of Hanawake, might I suggest two fine shows in which you can indulge yourself... 1. Zenkai Girl... 2. IS.

Actually, Zenkai Girl is rather generic, but I've developed a crush for Aiko kaito omg.. so... cute.


Skip to 5:00. The way she talks makes her sound dumb, but she is a literature major from Waseda. lol

And seeing Mistao Renbutsu is a bonus ;-)

IS has a dismal rating, but I think it's actually more interesting of the two. Story picks up with ep2... and I can't wait for ep3.

bframe5 said...

Really enjoying IS. Highly recommend!

Definitely agree that this season is a good one... but without good ratings, I'm doubtful that this will continue... ><

Anonymous said...

Don't watch episode 5 without subs. There is a long dialogue at the end that will be boring if you don't understand it, but powerful if you do. It'd be better to wait for the subs with ep 5.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the good reviews on your blog. i gave soredemo a try after reading your post, and it is indeed pretty good. cheers.

Jung said...

I spoke too soon. Zenkai girl is becoming annoying to watch... too many japanese dorama cliches, you name it...

whenever I'm about to give up, Aiko Kaito shows up. errr...

Akiramike said...

How much is Renbutsu Misako in Zenkai Girl? If she has a major supporting role, I be able to stomach it.

I've only seen 2 eps of Is which is not enough for me to make up my mind about it.

The end of ep 5 is really powerful.

Anonymous said...

yup! this dorama is good. well, since there is no formula on a good dorama. i call this drama E=mc2. Plus the "give it to me" girl in it makes it a Love Exposure reunion. as a fan of Sakura Ando, i'll stick to it.

although it's sad... there's Yuusha Yoshihiko to cheer you up!

oh by the way, there's lots of chicks on this drama. kudos to matsushima hikari!

Anonymous said...

Argh Ep 08 was heartbreaking to watch. I don't think this drama can possibly go the way of Aishiteru. I don't see how the scriptwriter can possibly redeem Fumiya's character.

Antspace said...

This is definitely the best drama I've seen till now. I'm now up to ep 9 and it keeps getting better and more intense! A happy end seems to become out of reach though : ( Prepare for some utter sadness!