Thursday, January 06, 2011

Marks no Yama ep 1

The subs for the great hope to save last season is finally here! Its based on an award winning novel which was turned into a movie in 1995. Unfortunately, I've not been able to track down the movie. The first episode is very hectic as it introduces a lot of characters and the pacing never lets up but its easy to keep abreast of who's who as I eagerly anticipated learning what the main story actually is and how all the characters are connected.

There's Kamikawa Takaya as this dedicated cop Goda Yuichiro. The coach from Pro Golfer Hana as his best friend and former brother in law who works for the Ministry of Justice. Kora Kengo aka the guy from Solanin is Mizusawa and Tado Naho is a nurse who takes care of him after he is released from prison. Mizusawa seems to have some mental problems, maybe short term memory loss as he has to write reminders in his notebook. Konishi Manami is a reporter who is looking into connections between politicians and yakuza and of course, what dorama would be complete without Kita Yoshio as lawyer who represents yakuza.

The first half of the series is mainly about a 3 police investigations. Cop shows are all about procedures and Marks no Yama does it very well. I don't understand why crap shows like Zettai Reido have to add some stupid morality angle to police investigations and make it boring. There must be some stupid law that says mainstream doramas not on Wowow cannot be realistic and gritty for fear of corrupting society or something. In short, I was very impressed by the police investigation parts and it bodes well for the series.

The first episode gives us some background information on the numerous characters, gives us two murders and finally the big hook at the end of the episode. We find out that the murders were done by Mizusawa. Why reveal who the villain is at the end of the first episode? Because it seems like Mizusawa is committing the crimes based on orders written into his notebook! A most interesting concept! A series of murders being done by someone who may not know what he is doing. It begs the question of who the mastermind is and the purpose of the killings. (Most likely revenge)

Thank the jdorama gods for Wowow and the subbers for doing this series. I am so tempted to watch the series raw. Anytime I come across a series this good, it makes smile all the bad doramas worth it. Definitely a must watch show.


Anonymous said...

damnit! i need to watch the series now!

Jung said...

^damn right you do!

My only beef is the try-hard-psychotic-laugh.

But I agree, my head is spinning trying to learn all the names and organizations, but I think everything is squared away by end of ep 2.

Definitely off to a good start.

And Mike, the only thing I can say about fukada in the other wowow show is that, she plays a dark role, which I think she does a decent job of, so why not give it a go? Is anyone subbing it?

Jung said...

Just blew through ep5. It's official. This show saved the last season.

Shows like CSI and Law and Order are entertaining to watch, but this show is gripping at multiple levels. What an emotional roller coaster.

Akiramike said...

Genya's not subbed but the fact that its a sequel/spin off of Byakuyakou has me intrigued.