Sunday, January 16, 2011

Guilty Akuma to Keiyakushita Onna eps 3-11

I'm not going to bother writing a long rambling post about what is wrong with Guilty. Instead, lets look at one scene from this dorama which illustrates the inability of jdoramas to even do even a simple action scene.

In this scene in ep 10, Kanno Miho goes to meet evil police chief in a car park. Obviously Japanese cops need special training on how to hide in plain sight, maybe by playing Metal Gear Solid. Someone needs to tell Michiko that wearing a black leather jacket and standing next to a black car in broad daylight does not make one invisible. It would be forgivable if she were trying to get a shot at evil police chief but clearly her gun is not aimed at him.

Kichise Michiko is shot in her LEFT shoulder.

She appears on the other side of the car POINTING HER GUN which she is holding with her right hand DOWNWARDS....

.. and proceeds to shoot at the foot of evil police chief who just attempted to shoot her! Maybe I'm just an ignorant gaijin and maybe police procedures for Japanese police state that officers who have been threatened and shot at must disable the assailant by shooting their foot because putting a bullet in their foot somehow makes them incapable of firing another shot and killing the officer.

Michiko jumps out of her cover to shield Kanno Miho and enable her to escape. Notice Michiko and evil police chief's guns pointing at each other.

Evil police chief can't resist monologing and then proceeds to point his own gun at own head. I can hear the collective screams of all dorama addicts when they saw this scene.


Of course Michiko playing a character who doesn't even do any police work throughout the course of the series lets the villain get into his car and drive off without firing a single shot besides trying to take out the villain's toe. Here is an offer to TBS, Fuji Telebi and TV-Asahi; hire me so that scenes like this never have to pollute Japanese tv ever again. Wowow doesn't need me cause they make awesome doramas. I may not have experience in the dorama business but I'm pretty sure I have a brain.


Arthur said...

Hehe. I watched that scene yesterday and, yeah, it was painful to see all those blunders.

Anonymous said...

where's miho kanno? hehe..

to end your frustrations, better check shinya shokudo if you havent seen it.. i was waiting for this drama to be released from written in the heaven subbing squad because they were only giving it to people who pay for the subs.. until now.. here's the link ->

Anonymous said...

It is actually not a bad drama, even though you are right.

maiku said...

All very good points...

But it's Kanno Miho! Plot quality never stopped me before. I even finished Kiina!