Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Iryu 3 eps 5+6

I am so happy that the series is finally back on track. It made me realise that the minimum thing that this series needed was operations with some sort of emotional investment from the viewers and what operation is more important than one where the hero of the series goes under the knife. Sure, we know its going to succeed but the exciting commentary by Fujiyoshi and Fuyumi and the awesome soundtrack

Speaking of soundtrack, the perfect example of how it just elevates the series to another level is that cheesy talk Asada has with the wheelchair kid in episode 5. With any other actor or with any other music, it wouldn't have worked but it was so well timed with the music. The way it the song rises to the chorus just after Asada says the cheesy main line is just so uplifting. I was just humming the song along the scene. Interesting to note that the tune is not in the OSTs of the first two seasons of Iryu. Its sounds a bit like the 'Origin of Silence' but is different.

With my misgivings about Iryu 3 turning Ijyuiin to the dark side so easily, the writer has shown that it was all in good cause, firstly to make Ijyuiin the man regardless of the fact that he runs like a fairy and to fulfill Asada's earlier foreshadowing that a team is a group where members can rise to the occasion and cover for each other when one is not there.

Something tells me pissing Kito sensei off is a bad idea.

All this erratic build up is about whether Team Dragon can exist without Asada and to put Ijyuiin and Kato in the forefront. The writer has finally given me a reason to like those two characters again. Watching Ijyuiin step up to the plate was fun after him playing sidekick for two seasons and him realising what it takes to be in Asada's shoes and the importance of the team to Asada. In addition to allowing Iryuiin and Kato to step into the limelight, this prevents Asada from being overexposed and saves him for the main event at the end of the series.

Kuroki's sad past is finally revealed though he was yet to turn good. I forsee a joint catheter-heart surgery operation for the last episode. They've started building up what could be the final surgery of the series which is a good idea. Episode 7 will deal with an operation which is personal to Kato sensei so we get more personal stories with the team. However, I think that the Kato story should have been saved for later and writer should do stories about the new nurse, Hibiki and the intern Fuyumi.

Hibiki is part of Team Dragon yet we know nothing about her so there is not reason to care about her. Fuyumi has basically been the commentary partner of Fujiyoshi and plot explainer with long haired doctor but for all the screen time she has been having, she deserves an episode for her story. I loled at Kito sensei using the mabo tofu line on Noguchi. Seems like he will be back later but the last two episodes have made me realise that for Iryu, human villains are mere salad dressing. The true bad guy is the operation and as long as there is a hook for the audience to latch to, that's all the show needs. 

Entlassen, Mr Noguchi!

Eps 5 and 6 is an example of the writer wanting to tell a certain story and not really starting it off in the right way but because its a story worth telling, it pays off. Of course this does not apply to all jdoramas but the Iryu series has never had any problems with execution and it was a matter of season 3 finding its own legs to stand on.


miyuu★ said...

I must say I randomly stumbled on your blog while searching for more Iryu 3 spoilers (HAHAHAHA yes I'm an odd kid) and was delighted to see that you follow the same Jdramas I do :3

Juui Dolittle == VetMed's Iryu, yes? :D

And yeah, believe me when I say I was hooked on to Iryu 1 and 2 that I finished both seasons in less than two days XD Long live the Jdrama addiction! :))

J.C. [aka] pn0yb0i said...

That intern is probably one of the best support characters ever! IRYU 4 LIFE (hoping this pun will come true)

J.C. [aka] pn0yb0i said...

Also, I love how the music puts into our heads whats "good" and "bad" or at the very least who plays the protagonist / antagonist roles.