Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tobo Bengoshi eps 1-8

Tobo Bengoshi is a dorama of two storylines. The first is fugitive lawyer Narita Makoto helping each person per episode. Mokoto will encounter someone in need of legal advice, fraudulently claim to still be a lawyer and dispense some legal advice. To stomach the fugitive lawyer with heart of gold part, one must accept that Makoto is able to be on the run for a whole year in Tokyo and not get caught.

Sure, Tokyo is freaking huge but he could have at least changed his hair and grew a beard. Mokoto is a wanted murder suspect with his face pasted all over. They tried to explain it by saying that the prosecutor is happy for Makoto to be on the run because he doesn't have enough evidence but Makoto escapes from the cops so easily and frequently that I'd be tempted to be a chikan in Japan.

One must accept that Makoto has not been struck off the professional list and is committing fraud by wearing the badge. That Japan does not have legal aid or community legal centers to help the public. One must accept that the person who Makoto is helping will find out he is a wanted suspect, threaten to expose him until they rationalise Makoto must not be a baddie because he is helping them. Makoto will then launch into some hypocritical tirade about how good the law is and how everyone except him should turn themselves in.I wish he'd just use his legal know how to in helping people indirectly instead of acting like a self righteous lawyer dispensing legal advice. Covertly helping people would have fit in so much better with the theme of a fugitive lawyer.

So why did I watch Tobo Bengoshi for 8 episodes so far? Two reasons. Firstly, the main story which is about who is responsible for framing Makoto is actually pretty exciting. Contrast this with Atami no Sousakan or Shinzanmono where the main mystery was sleep inducing without proper pacing. Tobo Bengoshi has actually structured the main story very well. You still get your red herrings but every episode leaves me wanting to watch the next one. Being able to skim the good samaritan fugitive lawyer bits does help as well.

Second reason is the casting. Isihara Satomi as the victim's daughter and Yada Akiko as the prosecutor's assistant. Their roles are pretty boring but they are very pretty to look at. Are Ishihara Satomi's lips getting fuller the more doramas she does. Not to mention the guest stars; Aibu Saki as a stalker hostess, Suenaga Haruka in ep 4 and Shiraishi Miho in ep 8! Sakurai san from Densha is in the dorama as well.

So the ultimate question is whether Tobo Bengoshi is worth watching. I wouldn't say it is but the main story and casting do make the the show tolerable and maybe even watchable. It all depends on what happens in the later episodes with the main story.


Anonymous said...

Okay drama. Good points outweigh shortcomings just enough to keep watching. And yes, the better points come from the ladies!

Yada Akiko - Underutilized but I guess that's her role. Seeing her in this drama gives me an impression that she has matured from 2006 and is able to pull off something that can match her "eye-candiness".

Ishihara Satomi - Second the lips! Too bad her acting hasn't gotten as full. Tearing scenes were good though.

Aibu Saki - Used to hate her but that has changed ever since her newfound niche in Buzzer Beater, and now this.

Kitamura Kazuki - I like his version of "a prosecutor with personal agendas".

Wonder how this one fairs with 2004's Tobosha because I haven't seen it.

Jung said...

^2004 Tobosha puts this one to shame. How dare you even compare the two!

Anonymous said...

Tobosha has one big default: it didn't get subbed. :)

jt said...

Akiramike said...

Tobosha is definitely a much better show. I'm just just waiting on the final episode.

How can anyone hate Aibu Saki?

Ersby said...

I watched until episode four, and I still want to go back and finish it, but other things got in the way. Apart from my first reaction being "how can one of the stupid ones from Quiz Hexagon 2 be a lawyer", I found myself enjoying this. And it can't be long beofre Ishihara Satomi's lips get their own series!

Anonymous said...

->jt: thx for the link!