Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Soratobu Taiya eps 2-5

 Yataa!!!! The subbing of Soratobu Taiyo is finally finished! Hard to say whether it was the best dorama of 2K9 but its right up there with Love Shuffle and Jin. Soratobu Taiya is is the ultimate underdog story as we watch Akamatsu continue to struggle under the weight of the flying tyre accident and Hope Motos doing whatever it can to hide the truth. Everytime Akamatsu gets a glimmer of hope, you know its going to be dashed.

Nakamura Toru does a great job as Akamatsu, the David trying to fling whatever stones he can find at Goliath. He is the everyman who struggles with difficult choices like whether to accept money to keep his company afloat or continue the fight to prove his company's innocence. I just love how they don't get overly sentimental with his whole underdog status. His misfortune is more than enough to generate empathy from the audience to want to see Akamatsu transport finally slay Goliath.

The two most interesting characters in the show are Sawada from customer relations and the banker Isaki. Sawada is aware of the cover up but wants to change Hoper Motors from within. However, his efforts to uncover the truth are found out and he is offered his dream transfer to the design department in exchange for his silence. Sawada abandons his co-conspirators but of course finds out that his transfer is meaningless when when no one will accept his design proposals. He sold his soul to enter his achieve his dream only to find that it is a fake dream.

Isaki, who is engaged to Kaori, the niece of the head of Hope Motors is uneasy at the collusion between Hope Bank and Motors. He wants to do his job properly as a banker and yet the pressure from his private life to rubber stamp any deals with Hope Motors troubles him. Isaki knows that Hope Bank is not doing any due diligence in regards to assistance to Hope Motors yet his future and private life is tied to the deal going through. Personally, I would sell my soul to be married to Mimura.

However, like Isaki, I don't think I could stand being under the constant shadow of Kaori's uncle. Its like Isaki's working and private life are being controlled by Kaori's uncle and he is unable to make his own decisions about his life.  The characters of Sawada and Isaki are conflicted between doing the right thing and doing what's best for one's career. Kudos to the writers for not being preachy with the script and letting things speak for themselves.

A big arigatou gozaimasu and gokurosama deshita to jade_frost and Kazuya_ for subbing this show. Truly a must watch show. Its a shame only 200+ people form d-addicts watch this.


Anonymous said...

This show is easily better than JIN and Love Shuffle for me; every episode left me yearning for the next one to a good extent.

If I were to even compare this to a similar, comparable mini-series called Hagetaka, I would say Sora Tobu Taiya still edges out slightly ahead. Simply because the latter's pace zoomed straight into full speed right from episode 1. You should watch Hagetaka if you haven't btw.

Like you, I only sing praises about this one. Anything else would surely be a personal nitpick.

Sucks not to be part of that 200 odd people, lol.

Jung said...

yay, glad somebody subbed it.

Best show I've seen in awhile for sure.

Well, the fact that so few people have seen it makes it even more special for me B-)

^ I shall check out Hagetaka. Thanks for the tip!

panda-zedo said...


I don't know how you can compare a a drama like JIN story that take place in the Bakumatsu period adapted from a manga and Soratobu taiya, a contemporary drama inspired by a real story ( Mitsubishi motors)... but yes ST is an excellent drama.