Friday, June 25, 2010

Pro Golfer Hana eps 1-2

In the tradition of Ace wo nerae and Attack No.1 comes another B grade sports dorama with CG balls except this time instead of a schoolgirl as the main character, its an out of work OL who was a former child golf prodigy. Kota Rosa aka biggest forehead in Jdorama is Hana, who stopped playing golf when her father hit by a truck when running to give her a new set of clubs. She buried the clubs and swore never to play the game again.

 So this is how you stalk girls in Japan....

One day, OL Hana is forced to play for the company in a golf get together with a client. She rediscovers her touch for golf and disregards orders from her boss to throw the game away. She is soon fired and her family is continually pressured to pay their debts by the lamest pair of yakuzas ever. However, Hana was spotted at the club by a mysterious instructor, Daigo Kazuma who either sees a lot of potential in her or just wants an underling.

Something is wrong with this picture......

Like Ace wo nerae and Attack No.1 the best thing about Pro Golfer Hana is the coach. Ishiguro Ken is definitely having fun playing a coach who doesn't act like one. He seems lazy, aloof and says random stuff that makes sense only to him. There seems to be a running joke where every episode Daigo Kazuma will use the plotline from a movie to give Hana some encouragement except he completely misses the point of the story.

Coach Daigo oblivious to the overacting in front of him.

The one thing killing Pro Golfer Hana is Katase Nana's overacting. It was ok in Uta no Onisan but her overacting is in the same level as Tomoya Nagase's in Mukodono 2003. Overacting to the point of overparody. Its as if she is trying to reach the level of an anime villainess not just by not having having any restraints in her acting but by pushing it past the point of absurd. Katase Nana is so not funny that she almost destroys Pro Golfer Hana.

Nothing much to say about Kota Rosa except why do all her characters have their hair tied back so she can show the world how big her forehead is? Pro Golfer Hana ultimately avoids the don't watch category because of its short running time. I'm going to continue watching just for Daigo Kazuma's antics and the golf part is just slowly getting into full swing. I just want to see absurd shots and super golf powers. Only watch if you have time to kill or partial to low budget doramas like me.


Jung said...

"Something is wrong with this picture......"


Her forehead.

Her hair stylist needs a good beating.

But I still like Kato Rosa. Very charming.

Anonymous said...

Err ... more like why are they in the men's bathroom

Akiramike said...

I can never understand why people like Kota Rosa. My friend Rei who is a huge fan told me that I mentioned her forehead 3 times in the post.

Just can't help it because every time I hear her name, that's the first thought that comes to my mind.