Monday, June 21, 2010

More pictures from Japan

Finally had time to sift through 8 gig of pictures from Rei so here are just a few.

 Some goth chicks in Harajuku.

3 dudes in awe of the chicks to guys ratio in Harajuku.

Rei working his practicing in stealth shot skills aka shooting literally from the hip.

Random black dude in Harajuku. Not sure what he was selling.

Stealth shot of random girl in cafe. Rei thought she was hot.

Pro golfer Hana ad. Note the big forehead.

Melonbooks in Akiba. If you see a lot of girls on the floor, you're probably in the yaoi section.

Love hotel in Roppongi.

Hhmm, is this where companies get their OLs?

Stalker POV.

Nice legs...

Stealth shot from Higashi Dori shotengai in Osaka.

Club Vivi where they didn't want to serve us gaijin. Ggrr. The OL uniforms were hot though.

More engrisu.

Awesome stealth shot of chicks in Fukuoka. The chicks in Fukuoka are hot hot hot.

Hello ladies...

Kabukicho, which I was too lazy to go to and now regret deeply. :(

Is this the hole to Wonderland?

A picture that just speaks a thousand words.

Cosplayers at Harajuku bridge on our last day while I was at a maid cafe.

Crazy crowd at Harajuku.

WTF is Rei focusing on the busu in the background?


The closest Rei ever got to doing a tousatsu.

Iino and Billy from that raw horse place.

WTF is waku waku mail?

Hello legs.

Rei took a lot of nice scenery photos I'm not much of a scenery guy. He's only put up a few photos on his flickr so maybe I'll do scenery post next time. Gah, I miss Japan........


Jung said...

that banana vendor picture is priceless. Pure genius.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for showing the pictures. Could not get to see such scenes in brochures.

maiku said...

Nice pics. Don't forget to update the 'About Me' box.

Every time I come back from Japan I have a few songs that get permanently associated with the time. Tunes that got overplayed in the depatos, drunken karaoke, etc.. Theme of Es, Robinson, Banzai. Nice to have those instant memories. (Man, getting old...)

Akiramike said...

Robinson is one of my favourite Spitz songs.

The only songs that got stuck in my head were Tsubasa wo Hiroge, a maid cafe song and Kimura Kaera's ring a ding dong.