Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Spring 2009 Jdorama round up

Just a few thoughts on some doramas that I have not yet written on or that I feel there's not much to say.


I think I watched up to ep 7 or something. Very very pedestrian. Too many characters with no purpose and the crimes are typical lightweight jdorama fare. The hancho, Azumi is mr. nice guy and so is everyone on his boring team which creates zero group dynamic. However, Azumi has a hot daughter! Shibuya Asuka is more like the girlfriend than daughter though. :) Now I see the advantage of having kids at 20! Too bad she's hardly in the show. That would explain why I lasted all the way to ep 7.


I tried to give this show a chance up to ep 5 but my god, it is so fucking boring. I know some people like it but I'd rather watch Hancho. I didn't find anything about it funny and it felt more like a going through the motions dorama. If you're looking for something similar but smartly written, go watch 'If you are the one' starring You Ge and Hsu Chi. Its a funny comedy about marriage hunting as well and had me laughing throughout.


Interesting premise of an internet cafe that suddenly turns up in the middle of nowhere. Its a low budget midnight dorama so I'm not expecting anything from it. Don't the Japanese realise that Densha can't act? Actually there's as much chance of that as Japan realising SMAP can't sing. I hate this part in ep 2 where the main characters are discussing some metaphysical ideas about where they could be and it was just random tossing out of ideas without a coherent argumentative structure.

I hate when one party is talking about A and someone else says B just and both parties end up simply stating their own ideas. Just because it low budget doesn't mean that they should not pay for a writer with a brain. Could still turn out to be a decent show but the ep 3 hasn't been released in ages.


I love Fukuda Saki. I hate the girl who looks like a guy who plays opposite her. Or it could be a guy who looks like a girl. I think there's something in Japan's water/food that's nerfing the Y chromosome in Japanese boys. Fukuda Saki sees dead people and her she tries to help them out but its hard for me to watch cause I just want to beat the crap out of the main dude. There's a couple of gravure idols in this show but its just not worth it.


Its basically Liar Game ripoff with each episode being a stand alone story. Shaku Yumiko is the host and its pretty much guaranteed there will be some interesting issues between her and the sponsor. AT the very least, it'll be fun watching for the guest stars and see what type of stories the writers can cook up regarding love and money. Interesting concept but unfortunetly, I don't see DramaCrazy finishing their subs.

SMILE ep 1

If anything, Smile has shown how to deal with actresses who can't act. Make her mute! Aragaki Yui should from now on just play mute characters and not talk so her lack of acting chops will not be exposed. Besides Aragaki Yui's very moe 'daisuki' moment in ep 1, I was really bored. It just feels like your typical idol driven kitchen sink drama; get two young popular idorus in a story where they go through every imaginable hardship. The problem is they're both not good actors and I don't give a damn about their characters. Plus it just feels contrived.

To provide some acting integrity, Nakai Kiichi is in it as a lawyer. He may save this show but I just can't be bothered to find out.


Nice concept, very bad execution. Celebrities go one quiz show where their dark past is slowly revealed. Problem is, there is nothing interesting or smart about the questions. And there's this boring 15 minute bit where the celebrity storms out and everyone panics. Good thing I can at least forward it but it is just a freaking time waster.

As much as I like Matsuura Aya, she does nothing here. I absolutely hate Maya Miki in this show. Her character is just so irritatingly redundant and she does not know how to 'act' any other way. I've seen her in so many shows and her one dimensional acting is really getting on my nerves. I just feel like putting my head through a wall everytime I see her. I don't even give a crap about the mystery between the host and the production guy. Avoid.


Anonymous said...

Out of the other Spring dramas, I'd also recommend Meitantei no Okite, a parody of mystery novels/movies/dramas. If you're a mystery buff or like mysteries, you'll get a real kick out of it. Even if you're not, there are lots of LOL moments. The first 2 episodes are not very good; everything really came together from ep. 03 onwards and you may want to take a look if you run out of dramas to watch.

Jung said...

Flying Tire is a good show, and the first few episodes are actually really good. Definitely give it a go, since it's only a 6 episode series. It's a good break from being forced to watch teeny idol stars who can't act.

lol @ the aragaki comment. I hate to say... she's still adorable... Can't get enough of that ganbatte stuff she does in this show. So corny, yet so umm... moe...

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the original The Quiz Show? I have to say, that show was much, much, much better. In its original 30 minute time slot, they didnt waste ANY time. There's basically only 2 characters in the show and it focuses on their relationship much better. Plus, they can actually ACT unlike the johnnies you see on The Quiz Show 2

tl;dr watch it, not the remake/semisequel

Akiramike said...

I skimmed the first ep of Meitantei and gave up on it.

Flying tire? Yes Aragaki is moe but I cannot forgive her lack of acting ability as long as she is the main actress.

Anonymous said...

Just looked it up myself because the name sounded so strange - and sure enough, it actually existed


I wonder if it's getting subbed?

Anonymous said...

I'm watching Flying Tire now. It's good. The kind of quality I've grown to expect from WOWOW. But as good as it may be, it will probably go unsubbed.

Anonymous said...

maya miki is very talented.indeed N I love her.she's just simply gorgeous n her appearance stands out evrytime.