Monday, July 27, 2009

Maid Deka ep 1

Maid Deka is basically an updated Sukeban Deka. The sailor fuku girl has been replaced by the maid. Fukuda Saki is Wakatsuki Aoi, a former bicker chick who works as a maid at the police chief's home and is given maid infiltration missions. Instead of sukeban deka using a yo-yo as a weapon, Maid Deka uses a mop with a flat golden coloured metallic end. How she can clean floors with it I have no idea. I was hoping she would pull a katana out of the mop and hack people to bits with lots of spurting blood.

Reason no. 2 why I watched ep 1 to the end. :)

One would expect that being a midnight show, Maid Deka would be bad. The question is whether would it reach the heights of being so bad that its good. Main problem is the humour totally falls flat on its face. You have the cook who is does some really lame jokes like the bruce lee impersonation that had me wondering whether it was the joke or the actress that was miscast. There's the assistant inspector who is beat up/abused by Maid Deka so if violence by women against defenceless men floats your boat, this is the show for you. Personally, I never found all the violence in Love Hina funny.

This maid was obviously killed because she did the unforgivable sin of wearing short under her skirt.

Story wise, its standard detective whodunnit fare. Have a list of suspects, give everyone motives and eleminate suspects one by one. Standard stuff that keeps the show watchable. Episode 2 will go into Wakatsuki Aoi's past which I thought was pretty early. I had expected a structure of all stand alone episodes with hints of her past sprinkled throughout and climaxing at the end of the series. Hopefully they've got something better planned for later; a rival/evil maid for Aoi to go against. Might as well make this a fighting maid dorama! :)

Someone tell this guy that Golgo 13 not moe and only has one facial expression.

As absurd as this jdorama is, my hats of to Fukuda Saki for playing it serious and not looking like she wanted to be anywhere but there. *cough* Horikita Maki in Teppan Shoujo *cough* Some of the dialogue is embarrassing and the way she has to introduce herself multiple times per episode is too much. It must have taken Fukuda Saki a 100 tries before she could do her overused line 'aku to yogore osojisashite itadakimasu'. (I will clean away both dirt and evil) She can even do the nice smile with evil eyes look which I like.

Don't get too excited, this is as much skin as you can see in ep 1. What's the point of being in a late night slot?

Fukuda Saki has yet to fulfill her potential shown in Daisuki!!! and LIFE but as long as she continues getting work, she'll get her one jdorama that will truly make her career. Its just a shame that crap actresses like Morikita constantly get pushed and Fukuda Saki is relegated to midnight jdoramas. To me, she is THE underdog actress in jdoramas right now. Her management should stop her dabbling into music. Her only good song is Goodbye my Love which is a cover of a jpop classic. On the other hand, she's not getting the action push and probably needs to diversify to survive.

No.1 answer by Japanese men when caught cheating. Benkyou shimasu!

At this point, I can only recommend this show to Fukuda Saki fans. Its definitely easier to watch compared to Ghost Friends. There's a chance it could turn into Attack no.1/Ace wo Nerae's level of I can't stop watching because it so bad but its too early to tell. ActuallyI I should have waited for at least 3 episodes but I just had to write about ep 1 as I had this huge urge to take screencaps right after watching. Come to think of it, as long as she continues her modus operandi of infiltrating as maid, that would mean that there would be other maids throughout the series so they'll be plenty of gravure idols to look foward to admiring.


Anonymous said...

What??? No mention and caps of Kadena Reon (the 'beat up' biker chick who appeared at the end of the episode)? I thought you'd be really excited about her first jdrama... :-)

Akiramike said...

Gah, for some reason I didn't recognise her! As punishment, I shall rewatch all her gravure videos!

Anonymous said...

Thanks For Sharing!


Anonymous said...

Where did you watch it?Cos I can't seem to find it anywhere.