Friday, February 27, 2009

Okusama wa Majo ep 1

Must have fell asleep watching Koshonin.

This season's been pretty lackluster so its up to old jdoramas to pull me away from gaming. Okusama wa Majo is basically the Japanese remake of bewitched, the tale of a witch who gets married to a normal dude and despite her desires to lead a human life, always ends up using her magic to solve problems. Never really watched the old tv series but I've probably seen an episode or two here and there. Basically I had no expectations had was in desperate need to be entertained.

The only negative expectation I have of the show is of Yonekura Ryoko who plays the witch Arisa. As I wrote in my review of Koshonin, she doesn't really act. Its more look at me, look at my nice figure. She is not there to act in service of the dorama. Its as if the dorama is to serve her image. (which is true of many shows)

Nice tights, I mean kitty!

But hey, she doesn't stink up Okusama wa Majo. All she did was act stupid and genki and fight with her mom. Speaking with her mom, casting Natsuki Mari (Iryu) as the mother witch is the most perfect casting decision ever! She looks the part, does comedy well and is great for Yonekura Ryoko to play against.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't guily of perving at Yonekura Ryoko...

Harada Taizo is the boring husband character. Its funny how although he is a comedian, he always gets those boring serious parts. Its probably the desire of all comedians to show the world that they can be good actors. Episode 1 is the set up and so far so good. Can't really complain. Its a mindless comedy show and as long as I'm laughing every episode, its all good.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen Love Shuffle? I think it's the only watchable show this season, and I mean including Tenchijin, where I pretty much want to strangle Tsumabuki Satoshi's character.

Anonymous said...

Is Tenchijin not any good? I haven't watched it at all yet, but I was hoping it was...