Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Koi No Chikara eps 8+9

Looks like Koi no Chikara is back on track! And the big difference between episodes 5-7 and 8+9? The advertising work is relegated to the background. In other words, it is a tool to tell stories about ningen kankei or human relationships. The problem with episodes 5-7 was that the advertising stuff was the forefront of stories and unfortunately, advertising challenges aren't very exciting. However, it can be used to tell stories that other salaryman shows can't.

Like how the media and perception of Nukui's abilities changed ever since he set out on his own. Issues of whether he really has talent or whether he was just lucky to be working for a big advertising firm. (My money's on the fact that he's a talentless hack based on his work so far) Nukui has completely lost his confidence. Exploring such themes is what makes this show interesting.

I had forgotten how good the beginning of this show was. How great Fukatsu Eri was. I've seen quite a few of her shows and this is the best I've ever seen her. Motomiya Toko is her ultimate role and she is the heart and soul of Koi no Chikara. The story got away from her character for a while but now, everything is good.

Motomiya Toko is such a fun character. Neurotic and uncertaintain but brave enough to go with her gut feelings. More understanding of Nukui than anyone can ever be. She's such an old school character that I can't believe that this show is only 7 years old. Yada Akiko can't even threaten to steal her spotlight. Two more episodes to go and I can't wait for the end.

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stuffing herself with a creampuff and crying at the end, priceless.