Thursday, January 15, 2009

Triangle ep 1

OMFG, where do I even begin? Let's talk casting; Eguchi Yosuke + Hirosue Ryoko = instant win! Its funny that Eguchi Yosuke seems like a different actor from when he was in Hitotsu Yane no Shita. I hope one day Harorangers will finish subbing Tobosha. After Hirosue Ryoko was seriously miscast in Yasuko to Kenji, I really want to see her in something good. Not concerned with Inagaki Goro since I haven't seen his other works which is pretty surprising, since I've seen so much of KimuTaku and Kusanagi Tsuyoshi stuff. He plays the earnest good guy detective who is more representative of the audience's viewpoint so there's not much acting required.

Mop Guy obviously disappointed no gaijin girls at the party.

How's this for supporting cast; Aibu Saki, Tanihara Shosuke aka Mop Guy and Sasaki Kuranosuke aka Mr Giragira. Not to forget Manpyo Daisuke from Karei naru Ichizoku who's probably played the father character to most of SMAP by now. This is freaking all star casting with acting abilities to boot. I was a bit concerned with the show's budget every time a new character showed up. If Hero proved anything, it was that big names + crap story and characters does not equal good show, despite what ratings say.

Hope this show erases Yasuko to Kenji from my memory.

I'm glad to say that the first episode of Triangle is good. The one show that is sort of similar to Triangle is Byakuyako, and that's a good thing. Triangle is a mystery dorama, about an murder that happened in the characters' childhood. I won't spoil anything here but suffice to say, nothing is what it seems. I thought I had the basic plot of the story figured out when I was watching episode one and was thinking of how they would make it interesting when at the end of it, they hit you with a revelation that throws any assumptions I had about the plot out the window.

WTF is that around her neck? Someone in wardrobe must pay!

A good first episode is one that hits you hard at the end and makes you come back for more. The truth doesn't matter as long as the journey to the end is exciting and there are no sacrifices in logic for the sake of story. I am trying to keep my expectations a bit low here because Bloody Monday pissed me off to no end. The more potential a jdorama has, the more I want to see it succeed. But then, this is the mystery genre which I think the Japanese are pretty good at with such shows as One Million Stars, Sleeping Forest, Midnight Rain and most recently, Scandal.

My what big eyes you have!

But WTF is Kita Yoshio in this show playing another cop after Scandal? I know he's a good actor and all but surely there are other 50+ actors out there. Who deserve and need work. Too much exposure is not a good thing. I know he usually rises above the supporting roles he plays but by seemingly appearing in every jdorama, he is in danger of being perceived as a prop and lose the ability to connect with the audience.

Yes, smoking is back in jdoramas! If 30% of Japanese smoke, 30% of jdorama characters should to!

Probably the best thing about Triangle is the revelation at the end of the first episode has made it more unpredictable and presents some interesting possible scenarios. Its all up to the writing to see whether the journey to the end of the mystery is an exciting one. I'm happy to give Triangle a go and so should you.

Don't worry, its not Eguchi Yosuke saying that line, or is it?


mangifera said...

i watch the first episode. it giving too much chaotic and distorted my assumption which is good. god damn it, it's just like maou. you know the plot but it keep you guessing on what will keep on going to happen; the thing which you could never predict to happen.

it's like cliffhanger for every episode end which keep you going. it's so awesome, you just can't let your eyes off it.

if this dorama as good as maou, i would be satisfy. :)

sparqi said...

like maou? Them are fighting words!

Im going to pick up this series methinks...

Anonymous said...

Kohinata Fumiyo was in 3 dramas last season. If he's only in one this season (and a special), then they're starting to cut down on him quite a bit already!

jaycbll said...

finally a series i can follow! i make sure i watch everything with eguchi yosuke in it.his dramas dont dissapoint
love the cast~ so far so good.
and its interesting to see how this goes....since they revealed so much in episodes 1 and 2.

Anonymous said...

Someone on says it best: "complicated plot twists but no gripping suspense"! The plot seems to be intersting, but the first 2 episodes are directed with such a heavy handed approach (numerous flash backs and expositions) that all suspense are ruined and I felt like being treated as a kid/idiot. The cliffhanger at the end of ep. 1 should've been a good one, but the revelation was instead bludgeoned into the audience w/ a sledge hammer (and the so called cliffhanger of ep. 2 is laughable). Just compare this to Shikaotoko (not to mention 24, if you've seen the 2 hr. season 7 premiere) and you'll see how good cliffhangers should be done.

Jung said...

You mever fail to crack me up with your captures.

That stuff around Aibu Saki's neck look like it's made from a whole bunch of chopped off poodle limbs...

Man, Hirosue is looking a bit weathered in that screecap... and she's younger than this oyaji. Hrm.. I must be getting old.

Tsk tsk, Sparqi, Maou was only good because of the cute girl... just admit it.

Jung said...

Ok I just watched the first two eps.

I kind of agree with the comment about the show lacking a bit in suspense, even though its intention is otherwise. I also agree with the heavy-handed comment. There's a lot of twists, but they seem rather forced.

Nonetheless, the casting alone is enough to get me going for another few episodes.

sparqi said...

Jung, I admit that the maou no hime would be welcome to join my ooku if her ninja skills were jousu, pledged her life & cash, AND she was sensitive enough to know when to follow me about on my training journeys.

BUT that seems highly unlikely...I saw no suggestion of her having high level ninja skills in maou. Just being psychic doesnt cut it in my world.

Jung said...

^ alright now you're scaring me.

*note to self... do not disclose any more personal information to sparqi. And brush up at the shooting range next week.*

I hope Eguchi doesn't overdo the smirk and the tilted head oscillation. I think it's really cool he's incorporating this kind of mannerism into his character... Just hope he doesn't get carried away.

Akiramike said...

The news of forced twists sounds bad. Hope this doesn't turned out to be riddled with plot holes like Bloody Monday.

And Shiori is actually Maou! Her big eyes are so devilishly enchanting.

sparqi said...

If watching jidaigeki has taught me anything its that normally its the evil nemesises (plural of nemesis?) who have the ooku of beautiful ninjas to do the spying and cowardly murders...But not in my siree...substitute the phrases 'glamorous hero' for 'evil nemesis' and 'a good telling off' for 'cowardly murders' and thus we also have the innovative basic story line for my upcoming new jdorama.

The first few eps would be about populating my ooku...First my beauties would complete their advanced ninjutsu training and then they are given the final mission to prove their worthiness:

They are to pluck from Jung before he is able to squeeze off a shot as many of the following items - dentures/wig/hearing aid/incontinence bag/zimmer frame/pacemaker/clogs.

Whilst depositing as many of the following items as they can:
Clown's red nose/bunny ears/shaving foam beard/other goofy stuff.

And bring me back a photo as proof. The ninja beauty who scores the most gets to rule the ooku (in my absence whilst on training journeys) during the rest of the show.

Maybe Shiori would get to play the ooku queen ninja...or Ayase Haruka...that would depend on my whim...!

@Akiramike: Shiori as the real Maou...interesting...but I think that might stretch the viewers ability to suspend reality and live in a fantasy world just a bit too far!