Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Scandal eps 7-10

Scandal turned out to be a pretty fun show to watch. Regardless, of how shallow the characters were, the story more than made up for it. Actually I can't fault the characters for being not so developed. There are just too many characters and this is first and foremost a mystery dorama and the writer did a good job in terms of pacing and revelations. The truth is pretty simple but it was the masterful way the mystery was presented that gets my praise. Even the red herrings were not simple throwaway time wasting plot devices.

However, there is just one single issue in Scandal that really got on my nerves. In the last episode, after the truth was told and the cops came in, Suzuki Kyoka said in a voice over that there was one more big secret left to reveal. That got me bloody excited. All the episodes always had some cool revelation that always got me excited about the next episode.

Unfortunately, the last big 'revelation' turned out to be an explanation of the motivations behind Risako and Kukita's actions which comes nowhere close to being an okii no himitsu. Yeah, it seemed more like a lame device by the writer to get the audience to watch until the end for the ratings. It certainly worked, I was waiting for the big freaking reveal all the way to the end!

Besides the minor let down at the end, this was a fun show. It had all the usual themes of the 30+ woman doramas, being a housewife, cheating husband, kids blah blah but incorporating it into a well written mystery made it better than your average show. Definitely worth checking out.


marspeach said...

I was also let-down by that in the last episode. And I didn't like their motivations anyway. Kukita and Risako just seemed like selfish pigheads the whole time and so it wasn't very believable.

Anonymous said...

Started watching this last night and sped all the way through it. Quite a show! Much better than certain other shows from the same season :p

Akiramike said...

If they weren't selfish pigheads we wouldn't have a story of four married women running around trying to solve a mystery. :)