Monday, August 18, 2008

Tobosha eps 1-3

Jdorama fansubbing is very far off from anime. Back in the day, most the English subbed jdoramas were captures from Kiku TV or HK subbed ones. I think the first time I saw GTO, it had English, Chinese and Malay subs. Basically, everyone knew the Englished subbed shows like the back of their hand. Nowadays about half of the shows get fansubbed though there are always those shows that get dropped or stalled along the way like Mop Girl. :( Its unfortunately that only shows with Johnnys are pretty much guaranteed to be subbed but beggers can't be choosers. Not to mention nowadays HK jdorama dvds all have poor english subs so basically it possible to get most current jdoramas in English. Of course, there are those older shows which are very unlikely to see English subbing.

Tobosha ep 1 was first subbed by Studio Oto in 2004. Unfortunately that was all SO released from the series. I was very dissappointed. The first episode was really good but the casting meant that most girls wouldn't even want to watch it. Last year, HaroRangers released the first two episodes but nothing after that. I still kept them in my HD in the faint hope that miracles would happen and hallelujah, SOS and HaroRangers have teamed up to do ep 3!

Tobosha is basically a Japanese remake of The Fugitive. Eguchi Yosuke plays Nagai Tetsuo, a probation officer falsely accused of murdering his family. I think he's a really good actor. His role as Kinpachi's brother in 101 Proposals was hillarious and so was his turn as the oldest brother in Lunch no Joou. Sad to say, I've not seen much of his stuff but what little I've watched is good.

Joining Yosuke is my favourite actor Abe Hiroshi playing the officer who wants to catch him. Unlike Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive however, Abe's character is not likeable. He seems aloof, pretentious and makes questionable decisions. He seems to claim some sort of higher moral ground yet enjoys the hunt a bit too much. Sad to say, Abe's character is bewilderment. I don't particularly like the character not do I hate him which is not a good thing for the audience to feel.

Mizuno Miki is the good cop of the show. The one who questions Nagai's guilt but is determined to capture him. There is a feeling that she is way overmatched in this show which gives her the underdog status as well. Still her performance has yet to catch me attention. Yosuke is good as the man on the run. I just hope that the writing for Abe and Miki's characters gets better. There is of course empathy for Yosuke but I'm not really concerned with the other two main characters. Maybe I just don't like how Tommy Lee Jones's character has been split into two.

I've ranted a few times about how stupid it is the Japanese can't even do basic simple action doramas. Well, Tobosha might be the first. While like many shows there is a slight tendency to stretch/milk the action scenes for what its worth, it doesn't reach the stupidity of shows like SP. After all jdorama budgets must be small compared to American shows. So basically we have Yosuke running around episode getting involved with some random person while trying to evade police and clear his name. Sounds like a recepie for a fine dorama, my nitpicking notwithstanding.

Thanks to SOS and HaroRangers for continuing to sub this show and hope to see the remaining 8 episodes subbed!


Jung said...

Haha looks like I'll get a few episodes of this just for Abe Hiroshi.

Well, even without Johnny boys, it looks like somebody is subbing Seigi no Mikata at a good pace.

Jdorama subbing scene really has come a long way since the early days. I remember watching Koori no Sekai in late 90s with synopsis on my hand I got from CJ Morikai web site. OMG, that web site is still up. LOL

Back then, internet distribution was still out of reach for mainstream population, because most of the good stuff was only available on IRC... and those dreaded bots. /CTCP botname XDCC GET.. shit... And literally, I was downloading any Japanese shows no matter how shitty they were.

Now there are so many subbed doramas out there for a normal person to consume... and hallelujah to new technologies, now we can d/l a lot of japanese shows the next day in ungodly 1280x720 720p resolution.... subbed! lol

Jung said...

Just wrapping up ep 4. Hey, this is a great show. Thanks for writing about it.

I loved the movie Fugitive, and after watching ep 2, I was a bit concerned about how they would stretch out the story for TV, but so far so good. This is definitely one of the best cop dorama I've seen.

Akiramike said...

Ah, good old days of bad tape rips, queuing for irc bots. I think AD Clan and JTV were probably the first two fansub groups. The good thing about the old days was that all the shows were either really good or crap but famous.

mangifera said...

gosh, since you mentioned the malay subtitled and as a malay speaking person (malay is my lingua franca so to speak), i remember watching Long Vacation, Shomuni 1 & 2, GTO, She's the News Women in Malay subtitles. the translation is from chinese translation so you could imagine how chaotic it was. i remember i could even laugh my ass out while watching long vacation due to stupidity of the subtitles while the scene should be sad and melodramatic.

hehehe. JTV absolutely pioneer in subbing cause i remember visiting their webpage to download new jdo. thank god d-addicts is here and a good effort to collect and centralize asian dorama is an effort which deserve standing ovation.

yes, the good old days whereby even a crappy show could get 15% rating while good shows (especially with KimuTaku in it) would reach up to 30% rating. now, even a good drama couldn't make to 20% rating every week!

Akiramike said...

I'm from M'sia actually lol. Its so weird how we grew up watching shows and reading two subtitles in different languages at the same time!