Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu ep 2

I would seriously drop this show if not for Shinobu. Having watched so many jdoramas, there are certain cliches that one has to accept such as the touching moment when friends come to help and the character being saved says their names one by one. This is usually done at the beginning of a series to help the audience learn the characters names better. You always see in the beginning of shows characters would refer to each other by their names. Of course the other technique to familiarise the audience with the names would be a roll call.

Acchan from AKB48! Now where's Haruna?

So Shinobu finds herself about to get raped. While I would like to get very excited by it, I also know they're not going to show anything. If Kitano Kii can't even take her top off, what chance of seing some Shinobu fan service? Anyway, Shinobu is going to get raped while her friends endlessly pound on the door of the hotel. The purpose of the scene is to show that they care about her blah blah blah and for her to realise that their friendship is priceless.

Is Shinobu smiling? hhmmm

Instead the audience, or at least I come to the conclusion that her friends are fucking idiots. Friend getting raped? Call the police! Even calling the fire brigade is a good idea. Friend getting raped in hotel? Press the fire alarm ffs! That way, its easy to get the attention of other people or even get the hotel staff to open the door. Tell the hotel manager that their friend is in danger? I
I'm pretty sure high school students can think of that. Stopped by a door? Break it down instead of just banging needlessly. Kick it down. Grab a fire extinguisher and smash it against the door.!

Only reason to watch this show.

I mean seriously, if Oda Yuji weren't there, they'd still be screaming and banging while Shinobu gets violated. Yes, they're suppose to be kids blah blah but the way they stretch the scene just makes them look like complete douchbags. Not to mention the whole apoligising to would be rapist bull crap. If it were true, I'd go to Japan and do some uuuh unwanted ravishing.....


Jung said...

It looks like you were able to get into the show more than I did. At least you're criticizing her friends for being stupid.

The only thing that went across my mind when I watch that ridiculous scene was how fucking stupid the writer is.

And what is up with the cheesy glowing / charging moment before he's about to do something heroic? What is this, fucking Sailor moon? Come on... I cringed when I saw it in Hataraki man.

Anyway, I will press on for couple of more eps... only because the characters in this show are likeable...

Opp said...

This sort of series relies on season actors to support the younger ones (see also Code Blue). Unfortunately, with a bad plot, overdone highschool theme and poor performance from the younger generation one cannot expect too much. Even Oda and Kohinata cannot save the show. I believe Kitano did a far better job in Life.