Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Koshonin eps 5-8

I can't believe I watched the whole series just to see how it was going to end to only experience one of the most pathetically written shows ever. This show started out ok, with some obvious flaws but it was watchable. The show had some interesting angles; the whole negotiator stuff plus mystery and conspiracy. However, what follows is the most obvious example of amateurish writing I've ever seen. Actually, I'm pretty sure lots of amateurs can write the show better.

I feel as if I'm wasting my time trying to talk about what a train wreck of a show this is. So many freaking holes in the story it actually makes Rondo look watchable. The Diet needs to pass a bill banning Jinnai Takanori from ever acting in serious shows. The only positive thing I got from this show is Hayashi Tantan, who plays Usagi's sister. Avoid! Now to delete this show forever.....


Jung said...

Haha if the show is that bad, how the hell did it manage an average of 13.5% viewership? I wouldn't know, cause I stopped after 2-3 eps... but I guess it was watchable for Japanese audience.

I guess Japan should stick with slapstick police drama instead of serious ones. They seem to handle that better than anybody.

1st quarter was a pretty crummy jdorama season. Bara no nai Hanaya saved the season from being a total disaster. The fact that Saitou San was the next most watchable show (to me at least) says it all. That's a show about a bunch of married women raising little kids for god's sake.

Akiramike said...

Probably cause there's so many Yonekura Ryoko fans in Japan? I think the Japanese need to watch more American/British cop shows to realise how horribly written theirs are.