Friday, April 04, 2008

Bara no nai Hanaya eps 9-11

If Bara no nai Hanaya showed one thing, it is that good acting can overcome gaps in logic and soap operatic plotlines. (such as where football and sticky ball thing in ep 11 came from. Did Eiji rob some poor kids or something?) As I have said, I am willing to turn off my brain if it is necessary for the story that the writer wants to tell. And what a nice story it is. Compare Eiji with Oguri Shun in Binbo Danshi. Both are selfless to a fault except that Binbo Danshi is a fucking idiot while the writer in Bara no nai Hanaya takes effort to explain Eiji's behaviour.

I must applaud this show for actually doing a well written idealistic character. Usually such characters cross the line of stupidity thus eliminating all empathy to the character. Their idealism and selflessness blinds them to reality and they continue to make stupid decisions. ( see also Enka no Joou or any idealistic teacher show or most current anime shows)

I'm gonna miss the supporting cast. A fun supporting cast is integral to any series.

With Eiji, the writer makes great pains to show his past. I like how Shun functions not just as a plot twist but as the opposite of Eiji. Both chose different ways to deal with their past and Shun's character and reasons however lame serve to reinforce Eiji's character. To me the big pay off of the show was when Eiji was overcome with happiness. To me, the whole series was built up for that scene. So that the audience can truly understand and empathise with a man who is afraid to be happy. For most of the series, I kinda thought that a lot of actors could have done Katagori Shingo's role but he really nailed that scene and showed that he owned the role. And there is a joke about Shingo's alter ego, Shingo-mama when he farewells Shun.

No way I could have abandoned a girl as hot as Motokariya Yuika.

Takeuchi Yuko is brilliant. The whole bring her to the operating room to scream at her dad thing was cheesy but her acting was so absorbing that I couldn't care less. I think she does the whole sadness mixed with happiness scenes better than any other actress I've seen. I highly recommend this sometimes flawed but riveting show. Oh yes, I'm surprised no accident happened at Eiji's workplace. The way the shots were framed was so ominous. :)


Jung said...

What a fantastic show indeed. It made my eyeballs sweat a bit. Even though this drama has all the hackneyed elements like birth mystery, revenge, love, overly idealistic main character, adult-like child, etc, the writer didn't milk any of them to carry the storyline.

And hats off the writer for the fantastic ending. The encounter with the little boy was totally unexpected and Eiji's advice to the boy was a real treat to a bitter and jaded person like myself. I was temporarily put in the shoes of the boy when he said 'soredemo, soredemo jinsei wa subarashi'


Akiramike said...

My jinsei would be subarashi if I had Takeuchi Yuko in my life as well. :)

Inard said...

Well if she's not available, I could settle with Motokariya Yuika or Shaku Yumiko and find my life wonderful too.

Yvonne said...

very well said!

but may I know who that little boy is? are they going to adopt him or something?