Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tokumei Kakarichou Tadano Hitoshi season3 ep1

Turtleae86 recommended this show to me and from his description, it sounded like it was my type of show. No johnnys who can't act, lots of chicks with nudity and a bit of action. Managed to find season 3 with crappy HK english subs and decided to take the plunge and buy it. And it was worth the money!

Miura Reiko plays a reporter who Tadano Hitoshi's gf.

Notice the pose of the chick in the background, mmmmmmm

Salaryman Kintaro is one of my fabourite series ever and here Takahashi Katsunori plays Tadano Hitoshi, a seemingly blumbling Clark Kent at work but at night he's real identity is some investigator who does special jobs for the CEO of the company. Yes, its a superhero salaryman dorama! Its got what guys want from jdroamas, cool main character and lots of hot chicks!

Note to self, look for Nagasawa Tsugumi JAVS.

With a face and body like that, she is more than welcome to swindle my money. :)

I can't stress how much fun I had watching the first episode. Tadano Hitoshi follows this IT guy who is being swindled by a girl played by gravure idol turned AV actress Nagasawa Tsugumi. The IT dude has sensitive information and him getting into debt over girl might endanger the company. Its just so freaking refreshing to see a darker jdorama after a year of too many shows that try to cater to everyone and end up doing nothing well. This show knows its audience, knows what they want and does it well.

Ebihara Yuri plays an OL who's in love with Tadano Hitoshi's Clark Kent persona. :)

Hhhmm, me like OLs.

Unlike many midnight doramas, its surprisingly very well written and the acting is decent. Credit goes to the script which moves very fast without boring and pretentious dialogue. If the standard of the rest of series is as good as the 1st episode of the 3rd season, Tadano Hitoshi might be even better than Kintaro. Seriously, they should cast more gravure and JAV actresses in jdoramas. No one can act as badly as Fukada Kyoko and Ito Misaki.

So that's how you get upskirt pics. :)

For all you sukebes out there, this show has tons of eye candy. I started blogging straight away after the 1st episode cause there's just so many lovely screencaps I wanted to take. I'll need to watch the rest of the series before I can be certain this is a good series but based on one episode I'd recommend that ppl get it. Yes, the english subs which are horribly translated from chinese are bad but that's better than no subs at all.

OMFG, its Maria Ozawa!!!!! If there is a jdorama god, please put Takako Kitahara into a dorama as well!

Her JAV acting doesn't really turn me on, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the view. :)

If you're in Melbourne, you can get it from the asian DVD shop opposite hungry jacks near the corner of Russell and Bourke. Why did I have to start watching this show on a Sunday night? I have half a mind to marathon the series until morning but I'll be dead at work. Sigh.


Scott said...

Hey, I'm from Adelaide..
Was looking for this drama (in particular, season 1..) but can't find any subs for it and with 11 seeds on the raws, it'd take ages anyway..

You said you bought the drama?
How much, and where from?
(Hell, if you could burn it for me, I'd send you back any postage fees and some of my own j-dramas)

E-mail me on
or I'm msn messenger on


Anonymous said...

Hitoshi Tadano is a great show, where else can you see Maria as a cute sauna lady!