Friday, February 16, 2018

Byplayers Episodes 8-12

Really fun dorama with a great ending that is unfortunately very similar to another jdorama that I recently watched. My only criticism of Byplayers is episode 9 where they visit the village filled with lookalike supporting actors. 

In all the other episodes, Byplayers was seemingly set in the real world albeit and then jarringly we have a gag episode making it more anime-like. Completely out of left field weird episodes are not uncommon in Japanese entertainment, especially anime but it just left me cold to the point of considering dropping the series, which I am glad I didn't.

Besides episode 9 which saved itself with a nice cliffhanger, Byplayers is a wonderfully written and acted show about acting. There are plenty of memorable episodes including Terajima Susumu's promise to the kids, the musical episode, the Natsukawa Yui episode etc. Speaking of Natsukawa Yui, the list of guest stars is freaking awesome and you'll never guess who the final one is. :)

One of the best shows of 2017 and must watch. Even if you don't know Japanese, at least watch the first 7 episodes which was been subbed. I'm not really looking forward to season 2 because its going to be hard to top the writing for this one. I also can't wait to do the Hamsapsukebe 2017 awards so I can watch Anone but I've got a few other shows to finish including Yocho Sanpo Suru Shinryakusha.

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I can`t wait for anone crushing review!