Thursday, October 19, 2017

Border Shoudou

Haru's character was the weakest part of Border. Her young age relative to how much experience on would need to be a coroner and her see through  protective clothing  did not mix with the gritty realism that inhibited Border. Not to mention it felt very much like a talento mandated push rather than casting someone age appropriate for the role. (See any jdorama where they cast a 20 year old as a police detective or doctor.

Shoudou is the attempt to try to fix Haru's character or at least explain her character. First, Shoudou does it by making a story about how Haru managed to become special coroner at such a young age. Secondly to create more empathy for her by giving her this arsehole of a boss who is hopeless at his job. They made him so slimy that even a cynical bastard like me would want to see him get his comeuppance.

I must say, it did reduce my utter dislike for her character and I would say I don't mind her now. However, the story in Border Shoudou is not very exciting and feels so pedestrian. On the whole, it was a meh two parter and not necessary viewing for the Border movie in 19 days, unless a certain someone from Shoudou shows up in the special! I can't wait!

I've slowly restarted my rewatching of Border. Its still so good and one of the best jdorama cop shows ever. 

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