Thursday, September 21, 2017

Akira to Akira spoiler review

Akira to Akira is a show about two stupid Akiras. The first Akira, a poor son of a bankrupt is so stupid that it takes him forever to ask Tanaka Rena out when any idiot can see that she clearly wants to besides telling it to him directly.

I know that delaying the romance is part of building up the drama but when one of your main characters looks like an idiot, it just makes me not interested.

The second Akira is stupid because he lets his stupid brother and idiotic and creepy uncles nearly run his grandfather's company to the ground. The dialogue keeps saying how Akira's younger brother is good at management but makes hasty decisions.

Well, I did not see Akira's brother make any good management decisions. I did not even see him do any rational decisions befitting the president of a large corporation. Which stupid president would sign a loan guarantee on behalf of a large corporation without first running it through the in house lawyer?

Making decisions that turn out bad is not stupid but making decisions without first doing one's homework is completely wreckless, irresponsible and I had to watch that idiot and two uncles screw everything up before Akira salvages everything.

Now, I understand what Akira to Akira is going for. Its the Namonaki Doku guy who tries to do right, has to overcome large obstacle and finally breaks down in the end. However, what Akira did was more akin to burying one's head in the sand and his complete dealing of his brother with kid's gloves is shocking and its what got the company in trouble in the first place.

Akira to Akira would have worked better as a flashback dorama because the last two episodes about Akira trying to save his company was more exciting. Meh.


junny said...

Hahaha, thanks for that hilarious summary. I was debating whether to watch this because everyone kept saying it was so good, but Saito Takumi is meh for me and Mukai Osamu isn't always a strong actor. I guess the verdict is to skip it?

Anonymous said...

Having worked in finance / accounting for some time, there's way too many parts that is laughable in its dramatics and realism. While admittedly, jdrama has never been high on realism.

Overall I found the pace to be way too slow and needed some twist and turns to be interesting.

Unknown said...

They built up the story quite slowly in the beginning, but I thought the last 2 episodes were good.