Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ittou's charshiu kyoku noukou niboshi tsukemen in Shin Koiwa

EDIT: I've got a friend going to Japan this weekend and wants to eat this so I'm making this guide a lot more detailed. More detailed instructions are at the bottom.

To me, Fuunji in Shinjuku was like the top of the tsukemen food chain. I could not imagine a better tasting tsukemen, until I went to the new Ittou branch in Shin Koiwa.

Ittou is famous for its fish based tsukemen which is good but not worth the one hour wait. With the new shop, I haven't really encountered any queues the 4 times I went there during this trip.

I noticed something different in the menu. チャッシュ極濃厚煮干しつけ麺。The name translates to charsiu extreme thick, dried sardine tsukemen.

And it tastes as good as it looks. Super creamy soup and three layer pork that is do die for.

The standard protion is a bit too little but the larger portion chuu 中 is a just right. You need to get an extra ticket to upsize. I do not recommend the largest portion 大盛り unless you want to feel super bloated. I recommend getting the normal portion with karaage or gyoza as a side dish the soup got cold towards the end of eating the middle portion.


You can find the map here. There are two Ittous in Shin Koiwa so you want to go to the one south of the station. Its only a few minutes walk and my favourite drinking estalishment Hotaru is nearby.

This is the map from the South exit of Shin Koiwa station. Its very easy to follow.

This is what the shop front looks like. Normally there is no queue or if there is, its very short unlike the main shop.

When you enter, there is the ticket vending machine on your right.

What you want to choose is the fourth ticket from the fourth row for 1000 yen. (orange colour) チャッシュ極濃厚煮干しつけ麺. It is limited to 20 bowls in the afternoon and 20 bowls at night but I usually go around 8pm and always got one. In the event that it is sold out, then go for the regular one which is the top row, fourth from the left.

Now for the size. Normal is a bit too small so I recommend 中盛り券 for 50 yen (chuumoriken/middle size portion ticket) unless you are going to order sides. Its the first blue ticket on the top row. Do not go for the big portion ticket 100 yen unless you want to stuff yourself crazy.

Give your tickets to the staff member on your left. He will say because it will take some time so just nod your head and have a seat and wait patiently for your tsukemen. There will be cups on the counters and tables for you to pour water for yourself.


Bobo said...

I just got back from Japan a week ago and I'm already trying to plan for my next trip. It was everything I wanted and more. I'm seriously jealous of you being able to go there on a regular basis. Feel reinvigorated to take up Japanese again as I really enjoyed talking to people over there (even with my limited Japanese).

Will have to try charsiu next time (I actually don't know why I haven't had it yet, as it was on my food list for Malaysia/Singapore as well...).

Akiramike said...

@Bobo: Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip. Good luck with your Japanese and there are few things like the sense of accomplishment when I get to use new words over there.

Anonymous said...

would love more posts like these to be honest. Also any posts that focus on places to buy lotgh or other anime merchandise. thanks again. I alwas enjoy reading your blog.