Monday, September 02, 2013

Power Game eps 1-3

Power Game is a very, very bad jdorama. It is set in the world of advertising where two rivals guy Shirosaki and Kuroiwa compete to suck up to the rich and famous and gain advertising contracts.

Things happen that make absolutely no sense and despite Shirosaki being the son of the advertising god, all his success in the three episodes have been due to Shiraishi Miho randomly appearing and helping him out.

At least Power Game is very aware of that its a bad show unlike Gekiryuu and the actors just chew up the scenery especially Hakamada Yoshihiko as Kuroiwa. I find myself laughing at the absurdity of it all instead of the jokes being clever ala Yabe Kenzo.

I like the cast so I'm going to continue watching too see what stupid explanation they have for Shiraishi Miho's character. Unfortunate, Power Game is not a so bad its good dorama. Its just bad.


Anonymous said...

Rootabega here:
I just watched the first 90 seconds of Power Game, and it looks bad bad baaad! I had to hit pause 'cause I was laughing so much. On the other hand, it really beats me why Hanzawa Naoki is pulling in the mega ratings. If you're gonna have predictable writing, hammy acting and execrably awful directing, at least provide me with some unintentional guffaws. Talk about no fun.
Maybe this show will be the ticket, heh.

Anonymous said...

RB here.
I'm still hanging in there because I want to see Kuroiwa, the "monster of advertising", tear that sauna to pieces plank by plank and burn it to the ground, screaming his enemy Shirosaki's name all the while.

Akiramike said...

You probably just described the last scene of the series, lol.