Monday, July 25, 2011

Hanawake no yon shimai eps 1 and 2

Hanawake no yon shimai title is pretty self explanatory, its the story of the four Hanawa sisters with a playboy of a father and the perfect mother. However, this is essentially a Mizuki Arisa dorama with her playing another eccentric character who has a huge influence on everyone around her. This time, Arisa is Takemi, the 2nd sister who is twice divorce with kids and has this magical ability to enchant any man in her vicinity. She also has a history of causing a lot of trouble for her sisters.

If I had three daughters who looked like this, I would lock them up in my nice big dungeon.

Of course, in typical Mizuki Arisa fashion while she is an inconsiderate sister and will engage in stupid fights, she will at the end inadvertently save the day or two something cool. Think of her as the reverse Saito-san. This selfish character who is a source of much comedy who will perhaps accidentally right wrongs. Like Saito-san, its fun to watch Takemi impose her will on others.

Takemi is the light and joy of this dorama.

The bad part of the dorama are the three sisters because their stories are so fucking boring, especially Kawashima Umika's. OMFG, you have not seen the worst bad acting in jdoramas until you have seen the guy playing her love interest. He is so fucking bad that he makes Fukada Kyoko look like Mitsushima Hikari. I propose all Japanese tv stations set up a department to issue acting license to make sure that people in jdoramas possess a minimal level of acting ability because a statue would be a better actor than this guy.

I like this view.

Back to the boring three sisters. Its unfortunate this dorama is not called 'The interesting Hanawa sister'. Hanawake no yon shimai would have benefited greatly from following the formula of Mukodono, sprinkle a little bit of backstory for the sisters but deal with each of their issues in their own episodes so as to ensure that the interesting character is involved in their stories to keep the show interesting.

That looks like Umemiya Masako. By the jdorama gods, she has aged.

Episode 2 ends with a major cliffhanger and I am sticking around to see where this goes. In summary, the more Mizuki Arisa this show has the better it is but unfortunately, the 3 other sisters get too much screen time. Imagine a GTO dorama where half the time, its the adventures of his 3 boring underlings. Check it out for some laughs but do make use of the fast forward button. If you haven't seen Saito-san, watch it instead.

Need name of actress.


Jesus Christ Supercop said...

I started watching because I'm a big fan of Shihori Kanjiya, though Takemi's antics are certainly amusing.

I've written quite a bit about the show on D-A. Well, mostly Sakurako's storyline. I find it both interesting and rage-inducing. So far I have a good feeling about the show, despite some problems.

I didn't notice earlier, but the guy playing Ume's love interest is a terrible actor indeed.

Jesus Christ Supercop said...

Oh yeah, the actress in the last screencap is Fumino Kimura (ζœ¨ζ‘ζ–‡δΉƒ).

Anonymous said...

Are you going to watch Soredemo Ikite yuku? Things get interesting by episode 2.

Akiramike said...

JCS I basically fast forwarded Sakurako's love story and thanks for the info!

Akiramike said...

Ah she's the chick in the Docomo walk with you ads.

MN said...

I watched this and I was surprised I liked it from the beginning. I've been a fan of Arisa for ten years and loved Saito-san.