Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jin season 2 eps 1+2

Jin is back, or rather the story of Jin's time-slip adventures in Edo continues! Jin puts a nice spin on the Dr Blackjack/Iryu super surgeon formula by making him more of a MacGuyver in feudal Japan. It was fun watching him try to perform surgeries with limited tools and cure diseases that we take for granted today. The endearing triangle love story with Saki (Ayase Haruka) and Nokaze (Mizuno Miki) was fun to watch as well. The guy who stole the show was of course Uchino Masaaki as Sakamoto Ryoma. Jin is one of those rare jdoramas that took an interesting concept and managed not to fuck it up by miring itself in mediocrity. It probably helps that all the characters had passed puberty so they could cast people who could actually act. Thank the jdorama gods that they didn't decide to make Jin some 18 year old looking kid who had somehow done his medical degree and years of practical training to become a surgeon. *cough* Code Blue *cough*.

Season 2 is more of a continuation of the story, rather than a sequel. The mystery of how Jin got into the time slip, the connection with the baby fetus and the identity of the man in bandages have yet to be solved. The one storyline that I am most looking forward to is whether Jin will be able to save Sakamoto Ryoma from his demise. I love the Shinsengumi taiga dorama and am looking forward to see the story from Ryoma and Jin's perspective.

Episode brings us up to speed with Jin's story and he is presented with a new problem to tackle in Edo; beriberi caused by eating only rice and thus the lack of vitamin B1. Jin's solution was the introduction of donuts into Japan! Its a shame that meat was scarce in those days of he could have introduced Burger King or even better, KFC! He starts selling donuts which apparently sold like hotcakes but his clinic Jinyu-do was still broke. Were they selling the donuts without making profits or were the ingredients so expensive that the regular people would be priced out? How are the other doctors of Jinyu-do surviving without a salary? Jin clearly said that Jinyu-do would make money from selling donuts to the imperial house, is it because they could then charge them a premium?

The above question don't really bother me because the whole purpose of the story about Jinyu-do's financial troubles is basically to have Saki pawn of all her valuable to keep the clinic afloat, thus giving her a role and purpose early in the series. I'm happy to see Nokaze back in the series but at the same time, she needs something to do since she's no longer flirting with Jin.

When the idea that Jin would present the donuts to the Imperial Princess and he might become doctor to the Ooku came up, I saw brilliant flashes of how Jin could be the greates harem jdorama set in the Edo era! He's already got the innocent but disowned daughter of a samurai family living with him as well as a former Oiran. Now he might possibly be getting access to the Shogun's own personal harem!? Could Jin be on the beck and call of several thousand women who live in the Ooku and the only guy they probably have contact to would be the Shogun? The infinite story possibilities.

At least it will make up for Jin not having relations with either Saki or Nokaze. He's been there two years and he has not done it with either of them which is just completely illogical. Unless of course he's worried about STDs and is unable to make condoms. I am pretty sure having sex with other women in a time period where his girfriend has not existed does not constitute cheating. Plus the only way to ensure Miki exists in the future is for Jin to be her great x 6 grandfather.

There is also this question of how long Jin would remain in this Era. After the end of episode one, I think the answer is clear as long as he stays away for climbing trees and falling down stairs. If he had been smart, he should have dragged Shozan sensei's body from the fire and done and cut open his brain to see if he had the fetus tumour.

On a serious note, the first two episodes have been awesome. Jin gets to interact more with history and season two doesn't feel like a mere rehash of the original series. They've kept up the standard from the first season and how good Jin will ultimately be rests in the ending. I have not read the manga since there is no scanlation so hopefully it is a good one. Please excuse me while I go throw myself off the stairs. On second though, Australia in the 1800s won't be fun place to be.


Anonymous said...

ohh.. so Jin is back already. i just want to say that the medical stuff are pretty basic. that means, people dont need to have a medical degree to analyze stuff. i think the main reason it had a high ratings was all because people can understand and connect to it. You are right about pointing that on Jin. that is why im in to this show and will remain as my only medical dorama that i will watch.

dude, australia is really boring. i mean the people as well. add me as one of the guys who wont go back in 1800s australia.

Jesus Christ Supercop said...

An-donatsus amuse me because of the drama Ando Natsu, where the eponymous main character hears a few "an donatsu" jokes. She is even training to be a pastry chef.

What I liked about the second season's first episode is that Jin actually loses patients and there's an appropriate amount of blood when people get shot and sliced.

Have you gotten around to watching Freeter, Ie o Kau? Somebody is subbing it for JDrama Zone, and based on two episodes I'd say it's very good.

Musouka said...

I was half expecting Jin to turn into a Tenchi Muyo with the introduction of the princess and all XD

I don't know how closely the drama is following the manga, but you can safely bet that manga protagonists can go on and on without the need for carnal relationships. The female sacrificing it all for the sake of everyone else is a regular motif in many Japanese shows so I cannot say I'm surprised.

I'm looking forward to see how the story will unfold during the next two months :)

Jesus Christ Supercop said...

Regarding "carnal relationships," it's not "illogical" that Jin has been celibate for two years as long as it's something his character would do.

If you start counting from onset of puberty, I've been celibate for 13-14 years, so two years is really nothing.

Akiramike said...

Lol Tenchi Muyo. I haven't seen that anime in ages. I wonder if it stands the test of time?

Anonymous said...

From the 2nd episode, it looks possible that Jin could fall for Saki..