Monday, July 05, 2010

Yankee-kun to Magane-chan eps 1-3

 Truer words have never been spoken.

Shinagawa Daichi is the good hearted son of a doctor who grew up being physically bullied by his sister and father. As a result, he grows up to be strong in fighting. He also happens to have blonde hair and look like a yankee (gangster). One day, he gets into a fight and beats up 7 delinquents. Before he knows it, the rumour has spread and other people want to challenge him. Daichi keeps winning thus attracting even more challengers. Unwittingly, he gets the reputation of being the no.1 yankee in the school and is shunned by all his peers. Because of this, he develops a can't be fucked attitude towards school.

Lamest excuse ever. If an underaged girl rapes a 28 year old pretending to be a high schooler, is it statutory rape?

Adachi Hana meanwhile is this perfect schoolgirl who isn't afraid to talk to Daichi and is the only one to put her hand up to be class head. She's one of those ultra nice people who just gets into your skin because it looks like an act. However, she is also known as Hurricane Ada, a yankee more legendary than Daichi. There was an incident where Hana saved Daichi's friend and Daichi only arrived in the aftermath but was mistaken to be Hurricane Ada thus adding to his reputation. 

I love how Geronimo gives a very serious 'I am so fucked' look.

There really isn't a set formula except for the usual fight scene at the end where the main characters somehow know which warehouse/bridge to go to. Episode 1 deals with the Daichi's backstory and Hana getting him to come to class. Episode 2 deals with a hikkikomori classmate who has a hot mom and ep 3 is about Hana's old friend. Episode 4 will be about Hana's election campaign. I like how every episode is different instead of the usual main characters argue, fight bad guy at the end and make up formula repeated throughout the series.

The awesomeness of Furuta Arata aka Geronimo from Gal Circle.

My friend Rei who has read the manga told me that the Yankee actor sucked so I was expecting a Johnny. To my surprise, it was Narimaya Hiroki aka bad guy from Bloody Monday and he is funny in the role despite being 10 years too old in high school. Well, if Oguri Shun can play a high school student in Crows Zero, so can Hiroki. I can't compare it to the manga but he's got the right amount of overacting but mostly playing it with a straight face. Actually that can be said for the cast in this show.

The humour in this show is fabulous as can be seen from the screencaps from episode 3. Adding Geronimo as Daichi's father is brilliant. Its the type of anime humour that most jdorama can't even do properly. Quick back and forth banter with witty punchlines without the need to make stupid faces and exaggerated motions. The screencaps speak for themselves.

 I was figuratively rofl at this point.

This is turning into one of the best seasons in recent memory. We've got Mother, Yabe Kenzo, Dosoukai and now Yankee to Megane. I'm going to get the HK subbed dvds of Rinjo 2 and the Sawamura Ikki dorama Keishicho Shissonin Sosaka. If both of them end up being watchable doramas then this is truly one of the best seasons ever IMHO. Yankee to Megane is definitely a must watch. If you don't have smile on your face after looking through the screencaps, you are beyond salvation.


Anonymous said...

Rinjo 2 and Keishicho Shissonin Sosaka!

Why do fansub groups suck :(

Anonymous said...

You are frightening the hell out of me! Heck, beyond salvation?
Ok, will watch this drama if only to redeem myself.
Looks like some of Geronimo's dust has rubbed off onto you....
Anways, thanks for recommending this drama. Now gotta go scrounch around online to get hold of this drama.

Akiramike said...

Come on, the screencaps are pretty funny, right?

*crickets chirping*

Anonymous said...

it's hiroki~

Anonymous said...

Yep, finished watching this drama. I can say it's good. Has all the ingredients that I like about a light weight feel good drama.

Thanks Akiramike, for the recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Yankee-kun actor's name is Hiroki not Miroki. :) I'm officially a fan of his and Riisa's (Megane-chan) after watching this. So hilarious and lighthearted, a perfect combination.

Akiramike said...

Thanks for correction for Hiroki's name.